*Superhero For Halloween* Short Nail Art Design Tutorial – Superman, Batman & Wonderwoman

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My website: www.sugarcharmshop.com My etsy store – SugarCharmShop: www.etsy.com All orders of 18$ or more (including shipping) will at the moment receive a free surprise necklace ^^ and all orders are (from 30th of sep – 20th of nov) supporting my upcoming contest! ^^ Same for my website: www.sugarcharmshop.dk I was requested quite a few times for a superhero series, superhero designs etc. so I decided to make 3 different ones in one video – you can ex do one of these on your ringfinger, and just have a solid coloured background or a coloured french tip on the rest of your nails and of course, they don’t have to be for halloween, but it would go well together with costumes ^^ Have a question? Please watch my FAQ video – it’s highlighted on my channel.


nailart132 says:

@lilpinkyluv check out my channel. i just made a spiderman video for nails

nailaxartxtutorials says:

how do you cut your nails ? O_O

tinaaaanoval says:

Sooooo Coooool!! But I don’t have all the colors that I need for those kind. :'(

lilpinkyluv says:

Awesome tutorial btw 🙂

skoolsuxalot says:

doing this for the midnight premier woo woo!

itsmejb18 says:

Just want the Batman

itsmejb18 says:

Batman nails?!! Oh yeah!

Brooke Miller says:

3:47 looks like an eye o.o

sqeak87 says:

Those r fake. Fingers but nice job
Can u do marvel?

999lolxd says:

Fake fingers 🙁

pinkbeansprout says:


dealwithellah says:

its amazing i like most the  batman logo!!! favorite one!!!

rockerchick20101 says:

wooooow all the way till @2:21 i thought the hands were real!

Moonlar1001 says:

no sh*t sherlock, lol. no offense

Saendra19 says:

super geil *__* 

monsteryoufear15 says:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE batman!!! this is pretty cool!

Tiffany Greening' says:

OMG your bloody amazing; because my and my friends have a joke; im batman my friend is superman and the others wonderwoman:D

chinitamayumi16 says:

it was the half of the video when i realized that the fingers are fake lol

pinkfantasy9699 says:

to me 2 hours to do this lol

nursehatchet100 says:

soooo f-ing sick!!!! love it!!!!! <3

Gorie0809 says:

OMG;-) How cute;-)

NoobKittehz says:


SanrioGirl530 says:

u should try pop art or comic book plz

kemmiixbearxx says:

she used white as a base for the yellow

CandiiLautnerBieber says:

Nope. Only Batman!

thezaynster1D says:

I freakin’ love the batman one totally trying this. Thanks 🙂

3TanjaJ3 says:

Tip, watch the whole video before commenting ;)….. I used blue, red and yellow.

ToxicFlavouredCandy says:

Tip, superman colours are red blue and yellow, not white.

yarriipurple says:

Why do people hate supman? #Teamsuperman

anabarquera1 says:

i did my nails for a superheroe party they turn on very nice thanks for your ideas 🙂
i did the 3 super heroes you did in the oder two nails i did captain ameria and flash:)

blueberrypop79 says:


alize61953 says:

3:53 batman eyeball

CamSsOuiille says:

hey, what did you do on the others fingers?:)
I love it!

leta1664 says:

Omg I love this tutorial the nails are so pretty I plan on doin the batman nails:)

MyLifeeAsZombieeLizz says:

i friggin love batman. and wonderwoman.
superfag, not so much
amazing tutorial. i loved ittt

ilyfoods says:

Where did you get the brush ?!?!?! :D loveee the vid!

TheLuuable says:

i bet batman is watching this tutorial 🙂

colourXvictim says:


JordanDeeBubz says:

how do you fucking do that !?

Ilovetoms04 says:

Awesome I just practiced doing them on my fake nail wheel!!!!!

tatyshk says:

muy buena presicion!!!!

xxunceunce1xx says:

I love batman!!:D nice vid (: