My Special Effects & Halloween Makeup Looks – Clockwork Orange, Freddy Krueger, Angel, Skull Face

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Close Just sharing a few looks I wore to Halloween parties! May these faces provide you with Halloween Makeup inspiration and ideas. I’d love to see your versions if you do any of them! You can can find HQ Pictures, Product Listing, Info, & music on my blog at http Makeup available here: Monroe Misfit Makeup Astore: SEPHORA: Dinair Airbrush Makeup: Crazy Contact Lenses: Clockwork Black Circle Lenses: Get the False Lashes here Special Effects Makeup sponsored by Halloween Express Enter code MONROEMISFIT for 10% off your order! (through 12/31/11) Costumes from Costumes Featured: – Teenage Dream Wig (Pop Art Pin Up): – Nicki Minaj Pink Wig: – A Sexy Clockwork Orange: – Miss Freddy Krueger: – A Sexy Chucky: – PLAYBOY Hef’s Nice Angel: – Skeleton Costume & Gloves (D*face): – Electric Yellow Wig: Music Tracklisting for this video: Music: ITUNES: Amazon: All professional business inquiries, booking, or reviews please contact me at Questions/comments/DJ/music inquires: Love & Art, MonroeMisfitMakeup


SuperBionicBunny says:

I need somethine for friday the 13.. I’m going as Miss Voorhees… I need an ideaa!! 😀

lexiine1 says:

Tutorial please! Your so creative and talented

julielovesyou321 says:


julielovesyou321 says:

Ohhh my gosh, PLEASE can you do a tutorial for the Chucky costume? I BEG YOUU?-33 You are soo talented. Could you put up the links for when i can get all the clothes too please?
God, you are soo awesome :’)

monica25gomez says:

I was wondering of you had the tutorial for the D’face look. I would love to challenge myself and try to recreate that look! Love love love your work, it’s amazing!!!!! : )

violet111197 says:


genesis lazo says:

can you please do a tutorial on the look of the clock worker. i would love to be that for halloween. and i love all your videos xD

TheKr0l says:


DannoFenton says:

The Nightmare on Elmstreet and Child’s play are uber awesome <3 You gave me new inspiration!

Jessie Glam says:


denettra says:

PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esaliciousx says:

I think I wanna do the child’s play for Halloween this year.

ILOVECUPCAKES3333333 says:

best makeup artist on youtube. the childs play one was absolutely magnificent.

tatararatatarara says:

do tutorials to this there hella bad ass

june brown says:

Hefners playboy playmates are the sexiest girls…in my opinion. clubmateagenda website has pictures of all of them.

TheRocknrollqueen19 says:

Can u plssssssss do a tutorial on the chucky one plssssss

BubbleGumDexter23 says:

@louvain0508 i think its the violant lip tattoos. if you havent found it yet i hope that helps a bit.

eatHisheartOut13 says:

I just love you…. <3

BeautyBoxBarbie says:

epic make up!!! spot on with the characters! well done!!!

JessieHeartt says:

you are genius >.<

Zombieplan101 says:

Love Freddy Kugar *appluase* You just got a subscriber just for that

Oniyxeclipse says:

What do you use to keep your lipstick on all day?  I assume that you have some very good helpful hints and/or products you may use to keep that gorgeous variety of lip art on for any length of time.

MissLisha81 says:

You are so gorgeous and amazingly talented! Please make more videos!

CrazyMadZombie says:

My god. I love your videos. They are fucking amazing :)

tattooedbabygirl78 says:

I am inspired by your talent! I wish you had more videos

louvain0508 says:

thanks 😀 found it *-*

makeitboomerang says:

im pretty sure its one of the lip tattoo prints u can buy 🙂

louvain0508 says:

how did you make the polka dot lipstick in pink and white :O at 0:40 ??

ailiepants says:

I’ve seen loads of halloween tutorials, but these are so unique, I love your spin on them. I particularly love your take on Chucky – it’s not “sexy Chucky”, it’s just a cool take on it. As a horror fan you get a bit sick of seeing “sexy Freddy” and “sexy Jason” which is just stupid – your Freddy has a perfect mix of horror and femininity. *applause*

1greenneerg1 says:

lady gaga and other crap must learn from this “artist” the concepts are weird but still attractive and appealing. kudos

PriZedPossEsion397 says:

*-* wooahhh

skippyjam93 says:

I love your videos :O

swiitimouze says:

omg! i am so happy your back monroemisfit u were the verry first guru i ever wached ty for doing what you do 😀

SpiritBoundBeauty says:

in one of your videos, you had a black and yellow lip necklace? where did you get that from???! please respond xoxo

kittykat0612 says:

Ugh I love love love ur videos…please post more……I miss them so much!

8sarahisawesome8 says:

Damn I’m in love

Annncregz says:

wow! u did these?? amazing!!!