How to make Lmfao robot costume head

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From beginning to end on how to make the lmfao robot.


Briannaaamari says:

Can you write down all the things you need to make this, please & thankyou

ulises hernandez says:

explains step by step how I would do it right

calebbharris42 says:

This would make such an awesome Halloween costume.

Cabrerabruno says:

So Mexican lol, cool stuff tho

ByAndrez1 says:

Muy bueno

Arlan Condez says:

on the mouth… silly!

Briannaaamari says:

How do you see out of it ??

LoliPoliCakes says:

Amazing! You are so clever! Thank you!

JazzyOneDirection5 says:

Very explanatory!!! MexiCANS!!!!

Tacoma0ridge says:

that is great gift, good job on the project.

jake glatter says:

how do you see out of it

mopapi4yuh says:


angelraver2412 says:

its. a. HAR HAT

juanprJ2 says:

mexicans can do anything

itsjake1990 says:

How do u see

TheChivisquique says:


TheEpicLaserPointers says:

@Emily Schubert Spray adhesive is glue in a spray…..

joseramirez4549 says:

Can you make one fore me and send it to me

brayan baltazar says:


saad175567 says:

can u make one for me

meenbewty meenaa says:


Bro Stephano says:


nickigirl220 says:

can i be in top comment??????????????

Emily Schubert says:

Have you ever heard of glue??what the heck is spray adhesive

Emily Schubert says:


LilWeaveRxxx says:

dont u mean girlfriend

ForeverDanncing says:

I wished you listed the items you used and where to get them in the description box. Other than that it’s pretty good

LilWeaveRxxx says:


Daniel Rios says:

U have to look through the mouth

SonicFlash124 says:


SonicFlash124 says:


CrimeStone1 says:

can u see through these things??

megatron50004 says:

u suck

SuperPunkkat says:

Wow I wanna make that neaklace for my friend she loves lmfao she has all of the party rock clothes

TheMultiFame says:

can u even see?

sweboy175 says:

do you have a go pro camera?

chebito19 says:

hay que cortarse las uñas =)