How I Made My Peacock Tail for my Halloween Costume

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Finally – I explain how I made my peacock tail from Halloween 2 years ago.


oddfud says:

Let me think… The long ones were approximately 2.5-3 feet long, and the shorter ones were about 1.5 feet.

ricebunny148 says:

Please answer! How long are they??

oddfud says:

I’m glad!

MissTwilight07 says:

love it !!! I think I’ll do this for this Halloween 😀

xxpinkxxblossomxx says:

Wow it’s so CUTE, love it! 🙂

MegaMusiclover66 says:

It should be :)

oddfud says:

Thanks! It was a big hit.

MegaMusiclover66 says:


oddfud says:

Tee hee. Thank you so much!

BubblyPrincess124 says:

u r so cuuutee

oddfud says:

@sailorigami Thank you. That is very kind.