Halloween Makeup Tutorial 6: Black and White Starlet

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Hi guys and dolls! Lads and Lasses! Today we have another Halloween look and it’s based off a request from thepeculiarcat. I think it’s a super awesome idea and a unique costume. Hope you enjoy! Facebook: www.facebook.com Products: Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk Wet ‘N Wild Color Icon Palette in Pride Detrivore Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Fortress Makeup Forever Eyeshadow in #33 Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in White Salon Perfect False Lashes in Demi Whispies Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder Music: Incompetech


plus123minus says:

have u ever try the invert colours makeup

LeackZepbath says:

Cool. This reminds me of Pleasantville.

xXxTwiggyzLovexXx says:


amandaggogo says:

This is pretty awesome, Always wanted to do it for halloween, or just to do it and walk around and freak out people. Hahaha

CosmoHut says:

Thank you for the great tutorial! I found a lot more good ones at cosmohut. This site has lots of material and categories and I have a lot of these, unfinished makeup tutorials that I film and I edit and I end up never liking. i am sure you would like it!

MikeyXKun says:

this is really cool to watch

jaylinly says:

would you suggest a more grey tone for someone with darker skin? What would the difference be when doing this for a male?

CynticismBeauty says:

This is amazing!! Just the type of look i was looking for! Thank you.

Rheesepuffs97 says:

im totally going as this

jul89456 says:

can you do like a creepy/dead bride look ? please!

BlackSparklePrincess says:

@badassgarcia of course it’s washable! It’s only makeup lol =P

MellyNicky says:

Wow! You look great! I wouldn’t have thought to contour areas of the face in dark gray. now that you put it up it totally makes sense.

badassgarcia says:

how long does it stay!!!! is it washable

Lyorias says:

My goodness that’s fantastic! I seriously thought you had edited it greyscale until you showed your hand (badum tish!). Great job!

razzamatazzy says:

wowwwwww! 😀

Lazandi says:

I’m so glad I found this. i’m doing something like this for a convention. Did you shade the sides of your nose? or is that just the camera?

hermanswain says:

Marry a beutiful Latino ladies rockmycity.info

keesharagno says:

You happen to be rather gorgeous, thanks a ton for your video clip. it can be miserable im living within Santa Cruz because i aren’t able to obtain great makeup, on the other hand i get free trials from ‘Gratis Makeup Samples’. i adore L’Oreal cosmetics!

carirduprey says:

I just discovered your videos…this one is amazing. When you put your hands up to your face…so cool! Great work!!!!

ChoccoMonkey says:

You are friggin awesome!

rosepetalears says:

so are your eyes naturally grey? that is so perfect!

LiveLaughLove8489 says:

i was gonna do this but i decided on a ballerina late for dress rehearsal instead. next yr i am so doing this

itsSela says:

Hi 🙂 do you think you can do a porcelain doll makeup 🙂 i’m heading towards that idea for halloween (: thanks..oh where did you get the white makeup pencil, or where can i get one or similar? thanks

pyxiekit says:

ooooo i love this!!! you did an amazing job! wow! you are beautiful btw!

TheFemmeFi says:

ur lucky…u have those gray-ish eyes! i cant do this look because mine are brown! 🙁 lol …amazing look btw wow!

poisondrops says:

Oh my god, I thought the intro was in black and white.

tatsudoshi65 says:

This is amazing! I thought the beginning had a black and white effect until you showed your hands!

Shanebabys says:

Wow I really thought the beginning of the video was in black and white

JBcome2CanadaPlz says:

This is brilliant!

TopazA7X says:

if your skin is tan, can you still use the NYX eye pencil in milk? Or will it look too unnatural?

mahaileygirl says:

This is so cool really coo coo 😀

MegaMercades says:

Your super talented! you should have much more views :

geishastace says:

This is a fantastic idea for Halloween!! I love it and will use it, with a flapper costume. Thanks for the great inspirational video.

bubblepallybubble says:

About how long does this last throughout a day, was wanting to do this for spirit week… although with me being a guy I probably will not go into so much depth with the make up xD Looks pretty sweet though. gj