Halloween: Gypsy Hair and Makeup

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Love hippie and bohemians styles? You should try this look for Halloween! It’s a beautiful earthy, eclectic look, with just enough drama to stand out in a crowd. Royalty Free Music provided by: Danosongs.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/letsmakeitup1


Noah mazerolle says:

u are hottttttt

xLittleKaye says:

I’m in love with this look!

MoonlightPlaylist says:

Gypsy is an ethnic group, not a profession, and gypsy is a rude term for Roma, the correct name. This is honestly no different than doing a Negro inspired makeup look. Sorry but true.

NiaaCaitlin says:

To be honest Kayley, I don’t know why people are having ago at you. For halloween people always go fantasy and over the top, they should know that it’s only a costume and stereotype! I think it’s an amazing tutorial and I’m going to go as this gypsy/fortune teller sort of style.. Thank you x

NiaaCaitlin says:

lmfao, checked out my channel for that amazing comeback, did you?;L I never said that it was okay, you fool, I simply stated it and you need to simply get over it. I’m Welsh and there’s a stereotype that I go around and shag sheep, do I? Of course not but I find it hilarious over what people say:L Plus, the style that Kayley has gone for is the type of palm reader off of Scooby-Doo, a childs programme. So, since I was a child, this is what I thought a gypsy was. Good day to you sir.

MoonlightPlaylist says:

I like how because it’s a stereotype you think it’s okay, stereotypes are wrong.. how about that all fat people are lazy and slobs? Is that okay, is that true? No. But it’s a stereotype, so to you it’s apparently okay.

NiaaCaitlin says:

It was far fetched telling Kayley to go die, don’t you think? It’s a stereotype, get over it you fool.

Leah Clark says:

What is the name of the music thats in ur video?

krasieladie says:

i can tell that you put a lot of hard work into your videos, thanks and keep doing what you do!

tacefairy says:

The funny thing is, one of my friends does this type of eye make-up daily ;D

alooytooy says:

thankkkksssss .. I was looking for the Gipsy makeup … ^___^

extra0rdinairex says:

you’re beautiful!!

lozza90rox says:

what was the first eyeshadow palette that u used?

lozza90rox says:

I love the music sooooooo much!!!!!!

mlemck101 says:

I just did this look and it came out awesome! I just used all of the colors(purples) from the wet and wild palette you used and it was like $3!

peter39113 says:

Beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll me encanta!!!

567Katii says:

Huh? Lol your comment has confused me haha!

icanttait says:

My friend is actually going to be a gypsy for halloween, so I sent this to her. Thanks for putting this up! It’s beautiful.

Hidepride says:

And most of them arn’t gypsies.

OMGthatsSydney says:

Thankyou so much!

renaessance says:

Lovely work, and great music!

Jazzxoxo3 says:

you have beautiful eyes!

Jiinxiiful says:

This. Anyone getting offended by a tutorial that’s blatantly for a halloween costume is kind of an idiot. :/

superdandybrendaa says:

You look like Deena from Jersey Shore in this video!

alabastercutie55 says:

Can u do a woodland fairy Halloween tutorial?

567Katii says:

Ok, everyone saying ‘I’m a gypsy this isn’t how we dress’ etc – realise this: It’s a halloween tutorial!!! Gosh. Lighten up.

ryanaPENG says:

so beautiful…

clubpboy1 says:

i am a gypsy

DiannaColfer says:

Get off youtube, seriously!
go be a model!

LetsMakeitUp1 says:

I think it’s Maybelline’s Minty, but it looks similar to jade :). Thanks!

ana85ing says:

Your nail enamel is the Chanel’s Jade?? I love it

xoxpriscilla says:

Wow I loved this look so much! You’re so gorgeous btw 🙂

154graciela says:

and wats ur hair color ?? heheh lol love ur hair color