Halloween 2010 ~ “Living Frida Kahlo / Sugar Skull Portrait “~ Costume & Makeup Tutorial

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Hi guys 😀 Well late to the party…but at least I made it! Super busy life stuff & work totally kept me out of my studio. But for Halloween weekend I was able to film all (3) makeup/costumes. First up: “Living Frida Kahlo / Sugar Skull Portrait “~ Costume & Makeup Tutorial This is my interpretation of Frida Kahlo’s 1940 portrait. The twist on the look is a nod to Dios de los Muertas (Day of the Dead) with a black & white sugar skull. Before the tutorial there is a little run down on how I put the costume together. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what ya think. Love ya! +x* Positivity & Peace *E Details & annotations on Tuesday. It’s late & I need to get my butt home!


dani32108 says:

this music kind of giving me headache

EliManningFan896 says:

Right!? I was just about to say that! OMG!

EliManningFan896 says:

I was Frida Kahlo for halloween when i was in the 11th grade which was last year! All my teachers loved it. The students looked at me like i was insane-__-

afroricua says:

Beautiful!! you’re talented

ashmedow says:

this is true art.. i love it, wish i could do this as well as u, lol

ohmylourdes1 says:

So great!~! What is the song??

Liliana González says:

just wonderful thanks for sharing

vendida91 says:

Very very nice!<3

eacold says:

my God!!!! i’m from Mexico, 1 word 4 u , CONGRATULATIONS, your sugar skull is so mexian handcraft finish! it looks like “barro negro” (black mud) from Oaxaca, and ur Frida is speechless, again and again CONGRATS!

gie22manalo says:

Your Freda face looks like prince!!!!!
Omg!!!! Amazing!

prettysorryeyes says:

wow. this is amazing!

Leidysings says:

fucking amazing so classy and elegant your makeup love it girl ur still beautiful with a mustache lol

degreesofshining says:

~ Thank you so much:)

firlaith29 says:

Insanely brilliant.

degreesofshining says:

~ Thank you so much for the lovely comments 😀 Yes. So many creative talented unknown peeps. And we all have different styles, skills, interests. On top of that there are some incredibly nice people too. I love this funky fun “tribe!’ x0x0x0x *E

degreesofshining says:

~ LOL! Thank you Jo! I have no idea where this came from! Except probably from my daily interaction with crazy creative artists at the college. Their frenetic energy flows all over. It is hard not to fall under the spell…Love ya girl! x0x0x0x

degreesofshining says:

~ Thank you Angie! You know you rock my world every other day! LOL! Your feedback means the world to me. Let me know how your Chicago/VS adventure went 😀 Peace *E

degreesofshining says:

~ Thank you so much. I just love Frida Kahlo & loved the idea of honoring both her & Dia de los Muertos. So glad you stopped by. Peace *E

deseo3773 says:

Beautiful! The detail u have given 2 ur dia de los muertos skull is amazing..& 4 u 2 b able to apply & deliver it with such realism..rather than just looking like sum face paint & make up..is beyond imaginative..along side the amazing Frida is so nice..U artistry..creativity..vision..and attention 2 detail is pure passion & talent!

MissThomCat says:

Amaaaaaaaazing! You are so talented!! xoxo

sketchyartydoll says:

this is amazing your amazing ! :D

artistic84chick84 says:

Great job on that cause Frida Kahlo is my idol.

goldiestarling says:

INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! The detail on the sugar skull is absolutely breathtaking <3

joannadelilah says:

Elise this is absolutely outstanding!! I wouldn’t know where to begin with such a detailed sugar skull, not to mention that you spliced it together with something completely different but it just fits seamlessly! My goodness you are so creative! How on earth you think this up is beyond me!

MsVersZsatile says:

This is … I’m speechless!! and you make it look so easy! In the past week, I have seen so many talented YouTubers! Just like the others, you should have a trilliion subbies! I just can’t believe this! I guess it’s my lucky week. A big thumbs up to you!!! You are also so inspiring!!!

midnitemariposa says:

wow this is absolutely gawwwgeousss girl i loooove it!!!! ur soo freakkin creatvie!!! girl i bought my kids costumes at the goodwill too!!! cheap is gud lol