Advanced Human Robot (A Make-up Transformation )

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Robot Girl Look Inspired By : Michael Oswald Website : Follow me on Twitter : Facebook : Promise Tamang Phan This is such a cool idea for a Photoshoot,Make-up Projects and Costume Idea !!! This transformation took me almost an Hour and a Half to do but its really calming and Fun to paint your own Skin ! Products used : 1.Party City Face paint =Black 2.Liquid Foundation : Coastel Scents Hd 3.Power Foundation : Lancome 4.Contour Grey Eyeshadow : Urban Decay Palette 5.Eyeshadow Black : Nars Breed 6.Liquid Eyeliner : ArtLiner from Lancome 7.Lipgloss : Smashbox Luster I hope you guys have a lot of fun creating your own Human Robots !!!


georgiabb1 says:


TheGiraffe101 says:

I’m going to combine this look with the Terminator look she recently did for Halloween! 🙂

barbaraolfers says:

Yeah she does 5:56

pony221000 says:

I laughed when I saw the cute puppy at the end.

MieMieZ says:

that would be awesome

4life21Basketball says:

Omg she has a dog ;)

BritishGirl2012 says:

oh. lmao..

TaSkUoTaSLeLyPoPaS says:

Of course she does! Look at the beggining

deniziscool says:

actually 8:08

Sorella111 says:

reminds me about EDI from Mass effect ;D

BritishGirl2012 says:

clearly not.. and apparently others too

Akwlove8492 says:

Did you seriously not see her top?

sk7yshyan says:

I would have picked blue gloss

sk7yshyan says:

It would be cool to cut off the tops of screws and glue them one

BonnieBrilliant says:

Im most curious about the site that inspired this

spacemouse1 says:

I wish that the camera was aimed lower 🙁

Jenibird215 says:

4:12 ….

emzadia says:

awww pretty puppy. and you, so simple but astounding, how do u come up with these thibgs?

iiiLooveyouu1 says:

“now im just gonna” like this video 😉

youlovecrystal says:


SaddleGirl15 says:

hehehe kabooki brush

lp22hot says:

You are freaking beautiful!!

lluvanimewaytoomuch says:

I love how I can think of any cosplay idea that I like and the next second I find it on your channel! XD <3

xItzbarbiex says:

I have that Mirror Light Box Thingy at 0:54 c:

CH1R0973R says:

… you look so real!


Angelita Eung says:

She is wearing clothes

BarelyaBrunette says:

Oh, dude! This is so cool!! Kinda creepy because it looks so good, but cool.

emily nash says:

i love all you videos! its amazing what you can do:) im going as a nurse to a costume party this weekend and i really want to know how to do my make up? can you please please please help 🙂 X

maegan608 says:

at first i thought that you were a robot!!!

Lia Syahdan says:

are you wearing any clothes?hehehe just wondering

AwesomeGirl9700 says:

“A little more shapier…”
LMAO I love you promise.

SoundAkrag says: