Halloween Duct tape costume Bash!

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So I’m kicking around the idea of having some sort of giveaway/contest for Halloween this year regarding contests made out of tape. Watch the vid and let me know in the comments!


JustKiddingMrOwl says:

Selling rare, discontinued ROCK duct tape.

missfaber01 says:


loulouleena says:

Thumbs up if you hear noises in the background!

haley20151 says:

Lego angry birds and hunger games pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

ThaLunchLady12 says:

Jugglerjtw is ducttapestuff’s old account

ThaLunchLady12 says:

Jugglerjtw is ducttapestuff’s old accout

haley20151 says:

Lego, hunger games or angry birds please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zac Thomas says:

I am having a Halloween duct tape wallet contest! I will be posting the video tomorrow for rules so go to my channel and post ur entry video!!!!

chirayu shah says:

I am selling duct tape stuff. E-mail me to buy. It has awesome finishing. It is neat. I also do custom orders. E-mail to look at pictures and prices. I don’t have a YouTube channel.
E-mail me at masterchi45@yahoo.com

burritomusic says:

U should have a contest for a Halloween mask and the prize be a wallet based on what there mask was

KD101Ducktape says:

Do a tutorial on a witch hallaween costume or something,ive been wanting to know how to do it

zachary jones says:

I think you should do it and give away like a roll of duct tpe for the winner.

Ducttapestuff says:

My role was food and beverage at Pop Century resort.

JustKiddingMrOwl says:

rock duct tape for sale

TheModernSurrealist says:

Ooooh FUN! Can’t wait for this!!! Love how you created that costume! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s costumes!!!

craftprincess52 says:

I just got back from the all star music resort in Disney world in Florida back in new york

shel shelios says:

ok thanks for the reply 🙂

DD23Star says:

Haha @ducttapestuff!! Me and my friend already filmed a video and have to edit!!!

Zac Thomas says:

Hey everyone check out my channel!!! Check out my video on my stuff im selling!!

FindTrix says:

Hey can i get duct tape

lilybelle morris says:

I love the idea of the contest and the winner should get something really cool!!!! great idea i think u should go along with it! 🙂

CiarasDucttape says:

What was your job at disney?

Ducttapestuff says:

That’s all I’ve made at the current time.

shel shelios says:

do you have anything else that you made with stitch or any of the other lilo and stitch characters

Maniac4music1 says:

Happy Birthday Card. With music player if possible.

Ashley Arguilla says:

Can u make a duct tape chandelier?

Ducttapestuff says:

A dictionary works wonders 🙂

purplepeaceluvsmiles says:

Wallet pressing help?