Butterfly Masquerade Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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More pictures and list of products used here: kittylovesmakeup.blogspot.com This was my first attempt at this look so here are some things I would do different for next time. 1. Skip the blue gel liner as an eyeshadow base. I had a hard time removing this. 2. Apply foundation first and not after the mask is done LOL I’m a such a n00b.. 3. Use a black gel liner that’s not so waterproof. I had to wash my face 3 times that night to remove everything completely! -_- Not fun.. …That’s it! Circle lens are Dueba Big DM23 in grey from Koreabigeyes.com. www.koreabigeyes.com Black Lace Dress from Onlycutestyle.com www.onlycutestyle.com Brushes are from Sigmabeauty.com www.sigmabeauty.com ^ Receive a free gift with your purchase of $30 or more! Black Velco thing on my hair is called Dariya Hair Magic Sheet. I also have them in pink and blue! ^_^ www.sasa.com


sugerfree120 says:

your dog is so cute

madfacejoker123 says:

your dog is sooooo cute!! Also good job on the butterfly, Im not going to try this because it would be a disaster but i do like watching people do make up

mistress300093 says:

12:01″oh crap” lol

sleepingcrystal says:

You have a flawless skin already. No need for foundation at all 🙂

blkgrl2175 says:

Great job!

missDoDa54 says:

so cute like it …..~

1212raegan says:

“say hi!” dog:”RAAAWWWWWRRRRRR” 🙂 ilove the butterfly I will do this for Halloween!

ReptilianSobe says:

Nice.  butterfly

AwsomeGirl1120 says:


heidi cruz says:

u look cute but where i was waching it it got me sleepy

joodomer says:

cute dog∩__∩

Chanelliebird says:

That looks amazing I love & defo using it this Halloween x

olookitzabi says:

im using this next year ! 🙂

demilover2085 says:

Holy crap she said say hi and he opened his mouth like he was trying to!!!:-0

GamesMakeupAndMe says:

Nice !

dougsaradance says:

She said they looked okay but it is awesome

Taeler Johnstone says:

what did you use for your hair?

danivb16 says:

you are so good at this! :P

jvmv18 says:

Haha she said,oh crab when she messed up

ratposion says:

i love youd dog its so cute

ilheartswift13 says:

This is so pretty!! (:

KatyPerryFan36 says:

Haha it was funny wen u fell. I love yew and ur videos(:

purpleelectric14 says:

i love your dog she/he is sooooo cuute♥ u oove your videos! [:

superchristine123456 says:

Hahah I was about to say.. That foundation is nooottt very good

SafiraVampireSecrets says:

I love that when you said say hi the dog opened its mouth like it was going to say “hi”!!!!

shazzag1998 says:

omg i want to be you, your gorgeous, nice, talented ….<3