Wonder Woman “How to” Costume Tutorial and Ideas!

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Find Lauren McFall the Closet Geek on, Website: laurentheclosetgeek.com Facebook https Twitter @ClosetGeek1 twitter.com If wearing a patriotic onesy is what tickles your fancy then watch my tutorial on how to find your inner Wonder Woman. Easy steps to make a perfect Wonder Woman costume. The beginning has a list of everything you will need and following are pictures of all of your materials.


TurtleDove81 says:

LOVELY Helps me be Wonder girl

eriipoko says:

I absolutely love this tutorial!

Jerrica Blackcat says:

in case u wanted to know Wonder Woman’s “sheld thingys” are magic and r called “Protective Bracelets of Feminem”

WatchAndMake99 says:

She would be a perfect match for Captain America. Too bad she’s DC and he’s Marvel…

Charis6540 says:

this is an awesome video! my 2 boys want to be super heroes this year for halloween so I thought i would be one too, thanks for the great ideas!!!!

oogaboogabiggading1 says:

Loved it! A groups of friends and I are being super heros/villains for Halloween and I’m being wonder women so this really helped! What did you do for your boots? Or does any body else know where I can buy some awrsome knee high red boots? Haha

DamielSantiago says:

Anyone else think A.) She’s a hot wonderwoman, and B.) Isnt it kinda funny that the queen of the Amazons would have a patriotic American costume? lmao

DamielSantiago says:

gotta have support for your Tots! lmao

xX1desire1Xx says:

Wow! super awesome! Love it 😉

APHR0D173 says:

Awesome I love this costume and those bulletproof bracelets look amazing!!!! I like the zipper on the red top, I have the corset wonder woman top and it is so hard to get into and come out of!!!

Maria Br says:

i love this costum!really good job!

cintiqlover says:

i have a lady crush on your genius and appearance.

sorcerer666 says:

You’re major adorable! I would love to see a tutorial on making a 1940’s Wonder Woman costume with the gold eagle and hot pants! Linda Carter wore this version in season one.

Stickylolipop21 says:

*wonder Woman

Stickylolipop21 says:

Oh my god. I am a big wonders man fan and I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a Wonder Woman costume for a long time now! You saved my day! Thaaannnnkkk you! -3

costumecauldron says:

That’s awesome! DIY Wonder Woman costume looks so much more easier to make with this tutorial.

McKennah Duncan says:

This is weird but i love your voice its so pretty!

jonia1031 says:

This is the best WW costume I’ve seen! Even better than the DC brand

slowmotionbreakdown says:

wich shoes did you wear? because she doesn’t mention them in the video :<

ohemgeelizabeth says:

How many yards of each fabric did you get?

Anagnostakou says:

Excuse me, what is inside the gold fabric? Carton paper?  Thank you.

Cheerbabeforeverable says:

oh, and by the way….. ‘BUILT IN BOOBS!’ hehe

Cheerbabeforeverable says:

aah your so funny! this was a great video btw! <3

Rock1554 says:

Nice Costume… I got to show u mine but I bought it.

ErinBaker502 says:

I was wonder woman for halloween and I used your video!! You are amazing! Yours looked a lot better than mine because I had a hard time making the top but overall I was sooooo happy with it thank you so much!

anilora95 says:

0:06 EPIC FAIL -.-

teb7 says:

haha love this

ilovemonkey92590 says:

you saved my life this halloween =)

haniacorena says:

Niceeeeeeee, thanksss

heyysimone says:

found red material around the house. found an old strapless bra. i have all of the stuff at home already. time to make it 😀

heyysimone says:

youre videos crack me up :D just with what you say. love ittt.

Hotskii says:

You’re a GENIUS !!! thanks for the tutorial 🙂

juddyy18 says:

im actually going to attempt to make that this weekend. buuuuut… i have a question.. whats another alternative thats easier to make instead of that bottom.. like a little skirt.. how would i be able to do that?

chulada87 says:

will i look like that lol.

ForeverrParadise says:

you should have a tv show or something i love your voice