Wizard Halloween Makeup + Costume!

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Thanks for watching loves! Please let me know what you think of this look below. 🙂 xoxo, Bethany My other channel!- www.youtube.com Twitter!- www.twitter.com DAILYBOOTH- www.dailybooth.com


chookieJS says:

I have all those maybelline eyeshadows too. I have like ten different kinds ahaha
Cute video too!<3

krisybell314 says:

thats what i was for halloween!

mintyfresh274 says:

can u do a kylie jenner makeup look? (not for halloween tutorial but just in general) i LOVE her!

heats1 says:

you look really young with this costume on

Pammigal says:

are you wearing contacts to make your pupils appear larger?

katiiie1307 says:

will you do a gypsy/fortune teller tutorial? 🙂

Curlykat39 says:

Hey Behtany! You are so awesome! I LOVE your videos!! You’re always so happy,and very energetic during ALL of your videos. On your next halloween tutorial, could you do a scary one??:) Thanks for your videos:)

hngryGenghis says:

Makeup? I thought this video was going to be about how to cast spells and throw lightning at your foes. What a letdown.

Good video though. Genghis just isn’t that in to be pretty. 🙂

americangirl12561 says:

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy harry potter!!!!!!

cocacolalver says:

That was hilariuous bloopers what you gonna be for halloween @macbarbie07

jenmurphyxx8 says:

I love this video 🙂 I’ve just started making my own & it’d be cool if people could take a look x ♥ x

Tener16 says:

Can you do a tutorial on how to apply false eye lashes? I’ve tired many times and I just haven’t been able to do it.

BiGbaNgnTvXq says:

can you PLEASE do tinkerbell?

dietvanessa says:


bluedasani says:

room tour please<3

bluedasani says:

love it!!!!!

Xrandomdancing103X says:

u don’t open ur mouth when putting mascara on..i know so many people that do.

lossie101 says:

Please please please do an Arwen from Lord of the Rings Tutorial!
There isn’t any on youtube 🙂 xxx
Your videos are an inspiration Bethany! <3

mangeryz275 says:

omg thankyou so so so much ifinally have somethng ican actually be yay thanks xxxx keep up th fantastic work . x

PradaGirl62 says:

Yesss can u please make a Halloween tutorial?? Thnxx 😀

girlygirl2297 says:

Can you do a hello kitty Halloween tutorial???:)

imjcuddles says:

omg, you look your age without make up. hahaha.

amberxlove17 says:

reallly pretty look(:

Miguel Martinez says:

wow your so beautiful will you be my girlfriend? haha X_X

Demifiend123 says:

she is so pretty x_x !!

TwilightSagaLuverr10 says:

Cann u pleaseeee make a Pink,Black, Silver and White makeup tutorial for a piratee pleasee!

HailTheGreenQUEEN says:

“Ok, I get it. I have an email.” I loved that haha 😀
And I am so gonna wear my make up like this one day…love it!

xheartstruck says:

i would so wear this everyday, js.

misstalker7 says:

what color is your nail polish and where is it from?

Meanbrush says:

I just drew a picture of Antoine Dodson in MS Paint! See my video!

darkwolfkendra says:

she kind of does! minus like ten pounds of makeup.

SimpleChic94 says:

oh my gosh this tutorial is aaasssoommmeee i love it!! im gonna put it in my favorites!!! thanks bethany

SimpleChic94 says:

haha love the intro!!! great video

twilight853 says:

can you please do a queen of hearts halloween turorial??

Respectmee95 says:

iLove Your Dimples =]

loopyMCloopsters says:

i love your eyes! they are so dark that you can barely see the pupil ! and theyre hugeeee. beautiful :]

keke1tube says:

can u try voice-over tutorials?
i luv ur nail color

Elmadrews says:

could u do a vampire tutorial

curlyhairz says:

your hair looks great can you do a hair tutorial please ???

kaynessie says:

your best halloween tutorial 😀

CZ303043 says:

do u have a tutorial for the hair?

x3RenesmeeCullenx3 says:

whats the song of your cellringtone?

acmilanshevachels says:

your eyes are huge!

bbox says:

You can put a spell on me :]