|oHp| Link – Legend of Zelda – Costume – Easy Cosplay Halloween Tutorial

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Easy Tutorial for creating your own Link costume from The Legend of Zelda. You don’t need to know how to sew or have access to a sewing machine to do this project. If you need any help with anything or have any questions, please feel free to ask. 🙂 Items I make in this video – green tunic hat sword sheath boot covers gloves and arm bands


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OuthouseofPain says:

Thank you! I’m sure your costume will rock! Send me a picture of it after you get it finished. 🙂

FrazerMcLucas says:

This is actually awesome…but one problem…I’m a guy and don’t have the artistic touch ha. May prove a tad harder for me, being that also I don’t have as much resources as you have, in a mad rush to make a costume for this Saturday!!

OuthouseofPain says:

I’m happy I could help – and thank you 🙂

Soul Arcrasa says:

I’m going as Dark Link, sort of an evil version and the tunic is what was giving me the most trouble but you helped with the stitching and the long shirt idea, THANK YOU

OuthouseofPain says:

k 🙂

OuthouseofPain says:

Thank you 🙂

OuthouseofPain says:

Thank you – That’s very sweet 🙂

nmlsaiya says:

thanks i love your voice and how simple u make it.. hope that joke of “expectation – reality” don’t happen to me :O

Froilan Mencias says:

mine too

LA- Souffrance says:

make me wonder if Link was pimp or mother’s pet.

OuthouseofPain says:

haha :)

OuthouseofPain says:

Thank you very much. You are sweet 🙂

OuthouseofPain says:

Thank you. That’s very sweet 🙂

fingerlevelup says:

you sound very pretty 🙂

supermonkeyprod says:

Or you could make them out of cardboard. This guy has a tutorial on how to make the Master Sword and the Hero’s shield. You’ll know who I’m talking about if he calls the Master Sword “The Sword Of Zelda”.

GoldenEagle458 says:

@IIamwarrior IKR

llamawarrior12345 says:


zzzzake says:

girl you sound cute an hot

OuthouseofPain says:

Thank you. ♥ :)

Ira Dayrit says:

you’re funny i like you

billiejoe253 says:

do u have a boyfriend (:

CocaineDrRockso says:

tht guys hair was way 2 short

sirbrad4 says:

Looks great!! Grew up with these games as a teen might try this one! Check out my horror costumes which is my specialty. Great costumes! 😉

OuthouseofPain says:

I had all of the shirts and belts and yarn. The bags of green and brown felt were around $5. Gloves $1. Mesh sheet things $2 maybe less. Long underwear from Walmart $20. So maybe between $28 – $30 dollars. It’s been awhile, so I don’t remember prices exactly. It wasn’t a lot tho. 🙂

OuthouseofPain says:

That’s cool. My sword in the video is a real steel sword. The investment will be worth it if there’s ever a zombie apocalypse. Haha 🙂

OuthouseofPain says:

That’s good to know. Thanks 🙂 

MegaEntertainment11 says:

Awsome. But did u know if u just bought a short sleeved green polo a few sizes to big, a white dress shirt, a darker color of those walmart gloves, some opaque white tights, and only 2 belts you could make an ocarina of time costume:) and i need to find a cheap master sword and hylian shield. eBay sells them 4 2 much;)

3rdAgePvM says:

I got the $20 wooden model of the sword 😀 it looks better in my opinion not so SHINY and its $40 cheaper!!!


im telling walmart

EpicTurtle92 says:

how much did all of that cost?