How to Craft a No-Sew Cape Costume for Halloween

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Courtney walks you through the process of creating a no-sew cape costume with fleece. Find the free how-to sheet for this video and ideas for more no-sew fleece projects at:


Bernadette Fernando says:

can you make a video of No-Sew “Hooded Cape”


Indiananm says:

Thank you for this video. I have to make a cape for the character of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. I have two questions. Will this work with two materials sewn together? And what would I use to make the collar stand up in a Dracula fashion?

sunseteyes80 says:

that’s it! OMG! why have i just spent an hour doing my head in trying to work out how to make one of these ? 

sheilachew1 says:

i love this it easy thank u so much can u send the book to england

connono24 says:

thanks, this is such a good tutorial, i really like this

bonona80 says:

that what I thought too.. lol

kurichanmichele584 says:

Wooow that is smart !

DarkPhoenixIncarnate says:

I…I love you for this. You have no idea how much I love you for this. All day I’ve been searching for cloaks/capes for my halloween costume, but I have not wanted to spend the stupid amount of money that they’re being sold for, and I couldn’t find any that were the right length I wanted anyway and I didn’t think I could make my own because I cannot sew. Until I saw this tutorial. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

walnutmama1 says:

sound very easy i might give it a try for Halloween this yr.

cacaisports1 says:

the thumbnail looks like Martha Stewart

timehorse0810 says:

thats awsome

gcyehuda says:

I’m looking for the how to sheet you show here. Joann dot com is impossble to search! Can you show a link to it?

kaylizio says:

We love you JoAnn. We love you so much.

TheMaxofdeath says:

i can make a cape with a blaket, a old shirt collar, and sowing tools like safty pins and string and stuff like that.

ebarragan88 says:

i loved this video! it looks so easy i can’t wait to try and make my cape

j5c1 says:

Thank you for posting this tip! 

Ajean73 says:

If you make the ribbon even longer, you can crisscross it across your child’s chest and tie it behind their back so that there is not a choking hazard.