Halloween Makeup For All Costumes

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…ok maybe not for a nun costume. …Or if you’re dressing up as a kid… But you get the idea 🙂 Follow me on twitter for daily updates: twitter.com my Facebook page: www.facebook.com Subscribe to my vlog channel: www.youtube.com for a list of all products used: makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com brushes shown in the video: tinyurl.com **HALLOWEEN SIGMA COUPON CODE!** For my Sigma brush lovers! Discount CODE works until Oct. 31** $20 off the “Premium” brush kit. **MUST be the Premium Professional kit with roll. Enter PREMIUM at checkout here: bit.ly *This video was not sponsored in any way by any brands mentioned My Stuff: Nails: OPI, Dating a Royal necklace: 42″ rose gold chain link necklace -got mine here: thecurrentcustom.com gold watch: Guess “Feminine Contemporary Watch” black onyx bracelet, Tiffany&Co. black onyx earrings, Tiffany&Co. cardigan- Madewell


blahblahblah007ish says:

I honestly think this look would be pretty for any day not just halloween…

brittanyblueboo says:

im sure you could, just change up the colors 🙂

LOLSmileyzLOL says:

Holy Jeeez! Your eyes are beautiful!! You’re so lucky! My eyes are like really dark brown, almost black haha 🙂
Looved this look! I know it’s near the beginning of this year, but I’m deffs gonna try this for this year’s halloween hahaha 😀

tymilkox says:


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This watch is SIMPLY beautiful. Honest to goodness the picture on here does the watch no real justice. The watch just got in via UPS this afternoon and I’ll have to take it to the jeweler on my way home from work to have links taken out as I have an awfully tiny wrist. Quite honestly after I bought it, I had a bad case of buyers remorse …
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gervina4s says:


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This watch is not terribly big, as some Guess sporty watches are, yet it is not small.I am a person who does not use or like yellow gold, only platinum or white gold, and view the golden tone of the watch as not too strong, so the watch has an understated elegance that (for me) could not be achieved were it a strong gold. I further …
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littlefin1296 says:

Ur hot

8Navi8Kaur8 says:

I LOVED this!

StacyxxBear says:

Could I use this as angel makeup??

TrueBeautySBTS says:

I am little red riding hood for Halloween and this is perfect!:)

LillyBeansMomma says:

I am cursed with crappy eyebrows. Can you do a tutorial on endow- grooming, tweezing, filling in, shaping etc. ?
Most do them super thin and I hate that. Ty in advance. :•)

marypenellope says:

you explain everything very well! your tutorials are great! love this one! congrats!

makeupgirl0971 says:

HAHAHA.. sad panda :0

themagdalenagirl says:

but i like sad panda… :9

Marissa Bollini says:


MarMia88 says:

The green part is just too ugly

campbellhousehold says:

Hey Tiffany I was wandering if u could do like a cheap makeup kinda look with NYC or some other brand not as expensive thx love u

lanalu16 says:

Sad Panda(:

Aviisawierdo says:

Would totally wear this as a everyday look <3 Maeby toned down a liiitle bit, but I really like this look :3

spencer4211 says:

check out my costume i made just type in spencer4211 and go down to my costume

lovemybf21410 says:

@fartnox Uhh who do you think you are, there’s really no need for that. Just don’t watch it then!

MakeupbyDinaz says:

Okay girl you can add me on twitter my username = freehippie66 :]

BTW I agree 100% makeup can be soo overpriced. did ya know MAC is giving out a ton of $250 gift cards?
They just recently posted the link below on their facebook fanpage on friday, go here…

One more thing, you must use this password MAC on the second page of registering =D

aalissaa5 says:

Ahaha thanks for the tip!

BrookieBrainwashed says:

Screw Halloween, I’d wear this as a day to day look!

SamitheeKins says:

i have been watching youtube gurus for about a year and a half now and i have just felt like tutorials where kinda of pointless now like i’ve learned all the tips and ticks but i LOVE your looks even your brighter looks still look lovely without being too over the top <3

GabbehSezHii says:

I love this!
So amazing
and lol about the UPS man XD how embarrasing if you didnt have sun glasses.

BeautyFetish says:

Good God this is GORGEOUS! I am beyond in love with this. Screw Halloween, this is beautiful for everyday, in my opinion at least. I will wear this to work!

SweetlyBrokenOne says:

lol “little tip…you know ;)” ahahah I love you Tiffany.

spacebunny22 says:

check out my blog 🙂

spacebunny22 says:

Love your blog!

spacebunny22 says:

I love this look!
Hope you can check out my blog, I love yours!

molsterful says:

so, sad panda in not goooood, haha that made me laugh! :L

midniteeyes73 says:

love love love love this look!

msclumsiful says:

Hey girl, I just started with the mac products and have watched many of your videos…. Lots of help THANKS!!!!!!

AnissaMakeUpBeauty07 says:

I love this make up…great!! :)