Halloween look: Pirate Makeup

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A sexy, fun, easy halloween pirate look! Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Facebook: Sunnysideup11100 My New Blog: sunnysideup11100.blogspot.com Dear FTC: All products mentioned were purchased by me and are purchased by me all opinions are my own


marta4latinos says:

I am so going to use this for the carnival this year, thank you so much. I don`t like to say stuff like this but your beauty is very special and unique :))))

MIFSjolly says:

you are very pretty omg!

ERUIZx3 says:

love this but i wish yu wer talkin instead of the music. lol

Jnrkrisp says:

i heard 1 second of the song and then i switched the mute button

carolinapenafi says:

I wish I knew the name of the colors you are using, I tried to do it and it went TOTALLY WRONG!! lol

edonnarozadina says:

omg i cant watch this
this music is so stupid

coolamy says:

really really cute!!

pinkpunk1290 says:

what shade and type of lipstick did you use ?

margiiex0x says:

could you name what product colors where actuallynused

rosemasenhalecullen says:

Our school is having a Pirate party, so going for this look 🙂 Thanks!

TheEmmaXD says:

I LOVE IT! What’s the song btw?

NikkiVidaMarie says:

Great tutorial! You know you have a good video when Im so into it I don’t even realize the music stopped playing until it’s been silent for a good 2 minutes. xD

Megan Light says:

Wow! It ‘s wonderful! Congratulations! It tells you an expert on pirates! Again congratulations! <3

JustAsSaneAsIAm says:

Where did you get your hat? :O

ffandfb says:

where can i find a hat like that?! :p need one for tmrw!!

oOjennyroseOo says:

You remind me of Lea Michele

mrkhamaileon says:

damn hot pirate

courtenay82 says:

Thanks! I really found this helpful : )

adyshikitota says:


paramoregeek22 says:


yourstrulychristina says:

you have natural beauty. really pretty

robyn12x says:

Omg, you’re SO beautiful. You look so nice. 🙂

CDawg6693 says:

i love really enjoy watching your videos 🙂 i was wondering what eye shadows you used.. 

hollylynn91 says:

this is great! I’m going to be a pirate for this upcoming Halloween so I am definitely going to use this tutorial to help me with my makeup. what products did you use?

aloandylove says:

u are so pretty with an d without make up

DoctorWaga says:

Johnny Depp look-a-like hat? Lucky hat! haha!!