Halloween Costumes for Women 2012

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Halloween 2012 is just around the corner, my favorite time of year! Here are some fun ideas for the ladies from Rubies Costume Company www.rubies.com featuring Dorothy from Wizard of OZ, the Tinwoman, Princess Leia and Princess Leia Slave, an Angel and Devil Costume and more!


sarahanne82697 says:

I kind of want a costume that doesn’t make me look like a slut.

SGCSW says:

does every woman need to dress like a slut? What about humoruous costumes?

wzatf says:

how did i get here??

Humanart3212 says:

theyre costumes calm down people

luvmeforever3 says:

How to look like a slut on Halloween

doylesarahpal says:

My wifes foxy halloween costume at “Halloween 2011 Hobo’s Portland”

PrettyPrincess2614 says:

1:32 perverts. lol

eli98preiss says:

this is too expensive ! You can put an outfit from your own clothes together so you can combinate a very cool outfit 🙂 For example this year I am wearing my black latex leggins and my glittering jacket with my catears as catwoman ! I paid only 3 € for the ears and thats it :))

deepizano says:

where can i get some of dorthy’s red heels?!

coralmeredith says:

Idk…honestly I feel like just going as a sexy version of something cute is sorta…the easy way out

GhostCostumes says:


chelsearains says:

i feel like this was more about the girls then the costumes

chelsearains says:

omg the lady at 1:37 checking them out cracked me up!

reesyluvsu2 says:

ohh and Ur Welcome 😀 <3

reesyluvsu2 says:

OMG!! LOL! U R JUST LIKE ME LOL! I love trick or treating!! The people in your class don’t no what they’re missing!!! Obviously they have never heard of group trick or treating. I dont mean like 3-8 people trick or treating, i mean like 10-20 people trick or treating! It’s beyond hilarious!!! You’ll have so much fun! (i no i did) I was laughing the whole time! We stayed out to like 12am and had a gigantic sleep over at my friend’s house (i’ll PM u the rest if u want to no)

ohhbrackett10 says:

i’m going tick or treating too 😀 !! even though most of the people in my class are like “ugh why you going trick or treating ?? we’re going up the town to drink alcoholll, mahhh” i HATE people like that , there all into drink and drugs, but me…i’m into juice boxes and sucking my thumb. It’s nice to know theres someone out there the same age as me that’s into the same kinda stuff i’m into 🙂 and the hippie thing sounds cool thanks 😉 <3

reesyluvsu2 says:

im having the same problem. I want my costume to be cute but all the cute costumes that I like are too short or too low cut on me. Im going trick or treating with a lot of ppl and there will be boys there so I cant just have everything like “hanging out” as most ppl call it. theres also the fact that IM ONLY 13. I dnt think my mother would let me out of the house lol. I did see this cute hippie costume that a girl on youtube made thats appropriate. I’ll try to send it to u 😀

ohhbrackett10 says:

well i’m 13 and i was just looking for something decent and apropriate for halloween….haven’t been sucsessful yet ;(

naurek says:

This is the only type of costumes they sell for women. To not be a whore for Halloween you have to make your own, sadly.

Kwashi13 says:

I would do: Cop, demon, or bellydancer-elf. 😀

ohhbrackett10 says:

since when did halloween turn into national whore day ?

ohhbrackett10 says:

says the man.

em0vsg0th says:

all the men’s faces turn O_O

AngelicAcid453 says:

Awesome 🙂

spencer4211 says:

check out my costume i made just type in spencer4211 and go down to my costume

uskitin says:

I love that the girls are laughing hysterically hahaha

PellieIsTheBest says:

See all the guys look at the and XD!

KleraThomas says:

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TheEirica says:

wowowo~ that princess lea girl is vv pretty *_* and fyi, costumes like this are everywhere in halloween stores XD its not porn -_- its racy but not so XD

fireballberry1 says:

at 1:28 i like cuz its a lik etheres angel on right side and devill on the other