Halloween Costumes for Women 2012 | SuperWomen!!

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Sexy Superhero Halloween Costumes Ideas for Adult Women 2012. Featuring The Flash, Batgirl, Sexy Robin and Catwoman. Costumes from the wonderful Rubies Costume Company the ‘Secret Wishes’ line www.rubies.com Also check out Yandy www.yandy.com www.yandy.com www.yandy.com www.yandy.com


starfear494 says:

Awesome vid. I love the costumes although catwoman’s costume seems too tight. My favourite ones are the Robin and Flash costumes. I say the word costume/s a lot don’t I?

hawks6059 says:

WOW Robin is such a hottie Love the boots

The1manmulisha says:

dang, some peoples kids. i think ms. robin is smokin hot.

bitzaru87muru says:

i wanna fuck you

hellomustachee says:

yea but you did.

jackiehallam62 says:

I’m going as Batgirl for Halloween.

PornGuy007 says:

My best superhero is Catwoman she is so hot 

ravenhaired20 says:

stanley park vancouver? lol

PinkIzDaNewBlack says:

OMG we know Batgirl’s identity!

AquiloneDeiBalcani says:

Catwoman looks like Blake Lively 🙂

KleraThomas says:

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sqmbaker80 says:

really pretty and nice, please try alsoo to check my halloween costume videos just to add more ideas!

blz1313567 says:

catwoman and robingirl are the best

Manager00200 says:

You forgot the Power Puff Girls 😀

BeforeAndAfterTV says:

Thank You!  Katie

paisleypoet66 says:

I am pretty sure cat woman is a villain…

HalloweenWomen says:

Great Video. Great girls. Great JOB! Super girls and avesome costumes. Thanks

mushkilla says:

i want batgirl 🙂