Halloween Costume Ideas

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I am going to pick one of your costumes to make this year! I am not giving the costume away I am just going to make your design for you to see! Just leave it in the comments below what costume you would like to see come to life! Good Luck!


alexis123445566 says:

ok i will have to upload her on to my computer :DD

MsSamfenton says:

Evan the boots

MsSamfenton says:

I think ur should do a rebecca steam outfit

MonnsterHighAbbey says:

I think you should do a Venus McFlytrap Coustume! It will be awesome!

chadalan07 says:

sounds cool. if you have a picture send me it so I can consider her 😀

DemonPony50 says:

its storming where i live too well oh for the thing do a robeacca steam costume

alexis123445566 says:

umm i have my own made student her name is katniss the witch she has a witch dress not like the regular but with skulls and all creepy stuff and her stocking are fish net her hair is red strange but i love it!

friendsforeverpie says:

venus mc fly trap or ghouls rule abbey robecca novi star ari roma

DeeDeeCupcakies says:

Just so you know I will be working on my ideas all day tomorrow! So yeah there are going to be a few! LOL

I love designing outfits and creating characters but I just can’t sew ._.

DeeDeeCupcakies says:

OMG I can Design one too! AHH I have so many! Can we suggest more then one idea?

DeeDeeCupcakies says:

I would love to see what do a Victorian era costume like perhaps Marie Antoinette.
Or perhaps an Iron Maiden.
I love your Monster High Costumes but I would love to be able to see what else you can do :] 

StopTheMHHate says:

Robecca Steam!!!!

StephanieSpectra says:

Venus Mc Flytrap

WeAreSongwriters says:

monster high WeStopHate girl emilie regale in the monster high westop hate video

TheSuperpinky2002 says:

you should make C.A Cupid or rochelle

Clawdeen6627 says:

robbeca steam

ToastZap says:

Hope you get better! I don’t really know what kind of costumes I would post here.. :P