Halloween Classic ….. Skull/Skeleton Makeup Tutorial.

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Howdy Guys:) I finally got around to doing my first Halloween tutorial of 2010. I decided to go with a skull makeup as it’s one of the ones that’ll always be popular and it’s easy and inexpensive to do. And all you have to do costume wise is to get a long black cloak with a hood and you’re good to go! I wasn’t too precise or happy with the teeth I added but at least it’ll give ye an idea for the costume, and I’ve no-one to blame as I was rushing it big-time!! Anyhow, hope ye enjoy the tutorial! Sorry about the annoying crackly noise accompaning some of the voice over, I couldn’t for the life of me get rid of it! Thanks for watching!! Siobhán. xx Website (Make-up)….. www.siobhanmcdonnellmakeup.com My other Non Make-up Channel….. http Twitter….. www.twitter.com Non Make-up twitter….. www.twitter.com E-Mail ….. siobhanmcdonnellmakeup@gmail.com


MsSayrita says:

omg i luv your eyes!!!

woolncathairs says:

This is an outstanding tutorial - thanks! I’m using this for my Halloween make up!

TeamLautnerawrrrr says:

Scrolled down to see the comments when the video started, then scrolled up and litteraly jumped out of my seat. You’re amazing!

anjalinababe says:

Wow amazing !!!! Amazing !!!

LetzMakeup says:

Brilliant! x

junebugBTX says:

Great videos! I did the skull on my husband, and the psycho doll on my daughter last halloween, and they were a hit. Thanks for all the great ideas!

XxLiveLoveDancexX1 says:

@7778orange Theyre gages love o.0 not earings

LetzMakeup says:

Might be :P x

1fanofOneDirection says:

R u irish??

noamun01 says:

Awsome :)

1952japan says:

Sei straordinaria !!!

ThePeteFX says:

Awesome sauce nice work easy but effective work

nbajake says:


LetzMakeup says:

Just go to any costume store or art & craft store!

racefaceish says:

Heyhey if we don’t use th materials ur usin, are there alternatiives? 🙂

7778orange says:

ew the earings looks like some ones shot

Carly Peterman says:

Her earings creep the life out of me… O__O

MegaBitchyKitty says:

holy shit that’s frickin scary!!!!!!!!! 😮

LetzMakeup says:


Leica181 says:

Thank you! I got prize for doing that makeup. for the most scary 😀

LetzMakeup says:

Not really, when you do black after white, the black could dirty the white.

NythaArchika says:

I like u spell “whitesh mash eyeshadow”

VintageLipstick says:

@letzmakeup wold this be easier if u put the white down 1st?x

jeep331 says:

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Cv87bond says:

youre kinda cute and you have beautiful eyes •_•

LetzMakeup says:

Aww thanks:) x

TerminationBliss13 says:

Pretty! best one on youtube, actually!

mcr4boro says:

thank you so much for this, you are absolutely brilliant! I know you probably made it look easy but I will have a go, really appreciated… x

TheHellnfire says:

MINT ! 🙂

johnted says:

Thanks for the inspiration and lesson!

Heliovest says:

Just uploaded a video response, it was a little slap dash as we didnt have as much time but I used this tutorial as my guide! Thank you so much, it was perfect!

MrSimpleMar says: