Halloween Cat Eye Makeup

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Although this look might not be something you would want to wear to school or work, I think it’s fun to experiment with more “costumey” looks for Halloween. Even if you aren’t going to be a kitty cat for Halloween, you can use the eyeliner tips in this video and apply them to any dramatic, vampy eye makeup look that you’re going for. Warning: Make sure you have a fluffy brush to sweep away any fallout and you may want to practice this before going out on Halloween night 🙂 For more pictures and a list of products I used visit my blog: www.makeupbyalli.blogspot.com Follow Me on Twitter: twitter.com FAQ’s: My Earrings: Express Nail Polish: Ski Teal We Drop by OPI


andreafcn says:

This look is amazing!!!!!

jbarum says:

very nice. Im totally going to try this right now

Priya10mac says:

thats look so difficult

Claudia92339 says:

amazing!!!! i’m going to try it! 🙂 thank you!

sarahxoforeverxo says:

im doing this for halloween, thank you 🙂

vasogoma says:

You are incredibly pretty and so talented 😀

TheLuuable says:

woah, are u a pro? its reaaally good!

narumineko says:

this would be my everyday look love it :)<3

twfan4 says:

this amazing 🙂 thank u so much 🙂
yur really pretty aswell, so jeal. x

ButterflyBee304 says:

This is exactly what I’m going to use for my Costume makeup!

naturesuphoria says:

Great video!

MrsSelenasbiggestfun says:

wow…beautiful!!! it´s going to be my daily make-up!

jassymins says:


nakedlunch89 says:

Hahaha I would wear this even if it wasn’t Halloween! Love your tutorials girl!!!

elatedoomph42 says:

You are some what beautiful, thanks a ton for your video clip. it can be depressing i’m located in Hempstead because i can not purchase decent make-up, but i get freely available samples of make-up through “GratisMakeupSamples”. i love Maybelline makeup!

MakeupByAlli says:

wow thank you!!!

MakeupByAlli says:

thank you!

MakeupByAlli says:

Aww thanks hun! I really appreciate that you guys take the time to watch so I try to keep up with comments as much as I can 🙂

MakeupByAlli says:

thank you! Lately I’ve been using the Makeup Forever Mat Velvet + and i looove it!

BeautyBomb21 says:

Wow this is such a pretty look! I love how you made the cat eye with the small black line below your inner corner! I’m really gonna try this! But maybe a not-halloween version hehe

beegee35 says:

i absolutely love this look.. hahah not just for halloween tho! i will be trying it tomorrow!!

oooakevooolution says:

ur soooo pretty 🙂

AllThingsBeauty10 says:

Your truly an amazing guru! On practically every video ive commented on, you have replyed! You don’t find alot of makeup gurus here on youtube that will do that! 🙂 Your my fave!

MakeupByAlli says:

Thank you so much hun! I’m definitely prepared for that craziness but I make videos for people like you to enjoy and that’s all that matters 😉 Thanks a million for the support!!

MakeupByAlli says:

haha thanks!! ;)

MakeupByAlli says:

You’re so sweet! Thank you!!