Halloween 2010 – Freakshow Costume

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Trick-or-treat 2010, filmed on Halloween. It features my latest costume, Freakshow, the giant jester. He stands around 9 feet tall. The mask comes from Fearscape Studios, I made the rest of the costume myself including the hands and shoes. Each year I turn my garage into a haunted house. This year it included a couple of TV sets displaying creepy images and white noise, a metal grinder that shoots sparks, and a video projector showing clips from my 2003 Halloween musical called Caught In Halloween’s Web.


Aspenfash899 says:

this was awesome come to nyc plz

cbond99 says:

Amazing costume. Great Job!

jan božič says:

3:30 that grandma is 10000000000% baked 😀

kill3rNYC says:


Shaggy2Dopee says:

that was dope!

MultiBlazer42 says:


MultiBlazer42 says:

jesus how long did it take to make this

KantexWolf says:

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

FoxWolf14 says:

Lol the kid were like “Omg is it real :O”

DJChristianWolf says:

Can you maybe make a tutorial on how to make this?

olaf2046 says:

Where is this in Ohio?

svendirtybutt says:

well that was *clears throat*…sexy?

DeckOcardsProduction says:

wicked awesome!

nrubmx says:

thats so cool

gorilas1992 says:

you could make a video with pure monkey skeleton bone without clothes

gorilas1992 says:

you could make a video with pure monkey skeleton bone without clothes

TheMeasureOfUs says:

Halloween done right.

TheLpCaptain says:

Its night time ur alone u see him with a chainsaw ! FUCKING SHIT MY PANTS LIKE A BAWS !!!

Tiana20122 says:

Wow you did a great job:)

strikelist says:

OMG, that is so fucking awesome. <3333

khughes2556 says:

awesome check my vids. out

BlendedComputers says:

He probably made it

sms5615 says:

just creepy

TheDevinPhan says:

i would love a neighborhood like that:)

TikalEchidna400 says:

where’d u get that epicly awesome costume it rocks!!!!!!!!!!

StillbornGravity says:

Thanks for people like u keeping Halloween alive. Best holiday ! Keep up the scares

Tennethums1 says:

Great costume! And an unbelievable neighborhood for Halloween. You’re lucky 🙂

Dalton Williams says:

6:51 thats just fucked up but awesome

revnou says:

I actually really enjoy watching this. Thanks for sharing!

littlejorjor says:

I probley would of ran screaming

Vittorio Carucci says:

Great costume, Excellent set up!

halo4695 says:

dude youre awesome man

halo4695 says:

im just saying one thing fucking clowns….

ian zom says:


max roovers says:

he sounds derpy

Damon barowy says:

that costumes awesome lol

hardrain86 says:

thats great!

SuperTravis1991 says:

I would love you have that costume

MrSouthvalley says:

damn i really liked the giant jester there no way were i can get one or something so i can scar my friends n family on my street

silentXfrapping1 says:

when is he going to put in his fake teeth?

AreYouBoredFilms says:

What did you have inside your garage that people were coming out of.

semeroth1997 says:

you should submit that to backyard fx

thebrad277 says:

Wow man, you’re awesome! That costume is amazing and it seems like your older costumes were too.

shawschannel says:

shit anyone else hear the wolf