Demon Wings for Halloween Costume : BFX

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If you watched the Demon Makeup episode and wanted more, then you really need to see this episode! Erik shows you how to make life-sized demon wings that you can wear. Dust off your pitchfork and press play


Jason Terror says:

Yo, Where can I find that HUGE thing of foam? The one you did the tracing onto and cut to the general shape..

ShingLang says:

I GOTTA try this for my Morrigan wings! Thank you so much for the tutorial !!! 😀

ghostfacekid101 says:

this could be painted differently to make jeepers creepers wings for those making a jeepers creepers costume

Mulletmanalive says:

Gotta love that this was probably one of the more normal things the central park tranps saw that day…

WolfeTigerHoldem says:

Thumbs up if you just watched this to see Erick’s Magic cards

indianabrick says:

Press 6 I didn’t bring my good dick!

oooslappedupooo says:

keep pressing 5 and he sounds like a scouser

TheAnimeLuvr says:

Now…..HOW TO MAKE IT MOVE!!!!!!!

HellGirlie007 says:

press 8 and it looks like they’re humping in the sky XD

RebelMaddocksRoe says:

yes it got very taccy

Kennedyandsparx says:

Lol 4:53 demon wing guy dancing in background

Bff Foreva says:

how to make a dragon tail

MrAskabob says:

you’re not even playing magic right!!!

MrAskabob says:

at 3:06 the cards are magic: the gathering! cool!

beedrillman7000 says:

gremlins would be cool but goblins would be better

blaketsteelers says:

ooh ooh ooh make a build episode on how to make gremlins!!!!!!

kaufmatm says:

ive been asking this sense the new movie! yesss!

TheOceanspray99 says:

just do the same on what erik did, but instead of painting it red and black, use spray glue to apply a bunch of FAKE white feathers. NOTE: You are going to need a sh*t tonne of white feathers.

brosisparodyninjas says:


tamashibreaker says:

can you make angel wings this time?

cheetahcub78 says:

Hi! Exactly how long did it take you to make these?

TEAMdarknightmare says:

press 1 lol

loneydolly says:

you just got pwned by another nerd XD

MrEmilBerth says:

i miss eric beck as host!

theverybadmonkey says:

can u make predator wrist blades?pretty please with fake blood on top???????????

nightmareart17 says:

haha! Gumby….

BrotherBloat says:

oh snap! I remember playing Magi: the Gathering in high school! 😀

cloneewars344 says:

eric make a stab in a chest

Matthew Pugh says:


salvadorb1123 says:

too much drama its funny…

katanastar45 says:

do u do the same thing if u wanted to make it bigger

fanofhands says:

paint dumbass

ethannintendonerd says: