Create 6 Last-Minute (Homemade) Halloween Costumes in 4min

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Like me on Facebook: Hello everyone!!!!! Happy Early Halloween and I’m so EGGCITED for all the upcoming parties!!! I wanted to make this video last week, but I had 5 midterms and 3 tests!!!! I almost died cuz I used too much brain cells within a week! Sorry for the delay! I will try my best to make videos every week! I have so many ideas for upcoming videos. Thank You so much for everyone that had subscribed to my channel. It means A LOT to me :] Thank You ONCE AGAIN!!!! – Love The Singing Sunflower


Smilingisadailything says:

these are SO cute!(:

katiek937 says:

My f@vourite w@s the bunny, bride, @nd the nerd 😉

ConnerMan01 says:

Awesome but i was looking for something for guys.

thesingingsunflower says:

i do show my face on my blog :]

jlove2325 says:

I saw her face when she was looking down lol

thewifeybea says:

very creative!

lavenderlove13 says:

probably because she doesn’t want to show her face on youtube for privacy reasons.

Peaceaholic119 says:

Soo creative:) thanks!

joseyposey93 says:

why do you cover your face..?

McGengen says:

cool 🙂

tepracreh says:

hey, those were good ideas thanks. You have very beautiful legs <3
question: um why do You cover your face? just wondering

mamaOf520121 says:

Loved the Godess one. You are very creative and seem very organized :)

die2self365 says:

10/31 is Satan’s holiday. Only those who are his slaves celebrate this unholy day! Better run to Jesus and ask Him to save you from Satan’s choke hold on your life! ASAP!!!!!!!!!

monilovesyou1 says:

Y don’t u want people to see ur face I’m sure ur beautiful

kellyalexandrashow says:

I think it would be cute if you printed out a little smiley face to cover your face with bahhaa :p

Ang3laL465 says:

@smileingalot she keeps covering her face so you don’t know what she looks like
( I’m pretty sure)

sbui503 says:

thank you for the ideas!

SmilingAlot says:

Great ideas =) You are super creative.

Why do you keep covering your face?

thesingingsunflower says:

@dansa1618: Thank you so much. Hard work paid off! I did well in all of them :]

dansa1618 says:

I hope you do well in your exams and do not worry, first things first. I would say everything is fine, in fact it’s great to hear from you. We had quite abandoned. The only thing I find strange is that they do not stop seeing your face. Anyway thank you and your school issues go well. I send you a kiss. Take care.