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itzelyvv says:

At first i was like naw its not fonna look good but at the end i was like wtv shes real xD

RA3LYNNE says:

After she puts the brows on, She looks sad throughout the rest of the video.

Joni Lynne says:

loved this! keep doing more creative looks, I’ve learnt so much! =)

Joni Lynne says:

agreed!! my eyebrows are in the “sad” position as i’m watching too!! =D

krisashleigh says:

Wow, you did an amazing job. Tutorials like this one always show how talented you both really are and I love watching them.

Frances Weston says:

great make up u should do lady gaga or nicki minaj or dolly parton

Hannah44C says:

You look so unbelievably sad! I was sad watching you! It was the eyebrows hahaha

Hannah44C says:

the power of make-up…

mariannita97 says:

please, could you make a Sally Skellington makeup tutorial?? and if it’s possible, a costume! that would be awesome!!! i love your videos btw♥

chloebelindax says:

“doesn’t need to look too airbrushed because she’s dead!” haha

justmestacey12 says:


serenalisa2004 says:

That’s hilarious! And AWESOME! You ladies are sooo artistic!

ruthalvarado00 says:


wentrose says:

really love this!!! But no matter how many times I watch it I don’t think I’ll be able to copy this this year!!!

annanolly says:

I actually know someone who has eye brows like that lol

Flooorine says:

True make up artist! 

juliamtac says:

aw, you look so sad haha love it

Holly Paris says:

Awesome! 😀 ♥

BeneathTheBlusher says:

your accent is so nice!!!

EmoLovcia says:

i looove your accent ! <3

PrincessKay03 says:

I love it! Gave me so many ideas for this year!

zombiegirl220 says:

how did i get here from nugget in a buiscut? 0-0

pUrEeNeRgY777 says:

I own that wig xD

roisinmcgale says:

Amaze as per 🙂 hope you do something equally as awesome this year. Bellatrix from Harry P would be awesome!

68941Isabella says:

where can u get the brushes from

amelia tillott says:

omg! this is so good! did you take a beauty course in college or something? if I knew you i would have you doing my makeup everyday!!!!!!!!!! 😀

miltonn23 says:

But they are girls, why do they need another? Haha.

Honeydew7396 says:

You are seriously talented.

Andrea MichaelJackson says:


dazzleglam95 says:


rockndudette says:

i’m expecting 3 hand to come out and to the make up

rockndudette says:

Because she dead

ligiafilgueiras says:


Zoey Hoskinson says:

she is pregnant so she didnt want to go to the hhospital like that

Zoey Hoskinson says:

why did you put the glue on at the begining on ur cheek

Rebekah Young says:

smurf yourself.. lol

daisy6466 says:

go awayy

Alexmunoz21 says:

@bqdwexg you are correct. nobody can believe about this quickly. but i can tell you one thing, when i was not in house my mom received the beauty kit from maybelline for no bucks. i got it from here. you can also try it >>

Scorpionstingsss says:

Awsum…wish I could do tht ..

TheAnnaEhr says:

Hi all girls (and guys) out there, I have just started a makeup/ beauty channel and I would really appreciate it if you would check it out 🙂

TheHappydays2000 says:

I love it !! Xx

graciebradford says:

shes being sarcastic……shes saying it would be funny if she went into labor with all that blue makeup on her face because then she would have to go to the hospital looking like that lol