Bride of Chucky / Creepy Broken Doll Tutorial ☠

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This last minute halloween fancy dress idea is quick, easy and very effective! For outfit ideas to go with this makeup look below.. Bride of Chucky, Tiffany, inspired this creepy, broken dead doll Halloween look! This is quite simple to do and is great as a last-minute halloween fancy dress outfit as I used all products that you should be able to find in your house! If you go for the Broken Doll look, you can add a cute dress, bows and plaits in your hair and some over-the-knee socks to really add that cute look. Fake blood splattered over your clothes or skin really competes the look! For the Bride of Chucky, a leather jacket and a veil is enough to pull off this look, and of course some blood and a chucky doll are great accessories! ♥ TWITTER : @ooh_la_lashes ♥ FACEBOOK : ♥ INSTAGRAM : @oohlalashes ♥ BLOG : Business Enquiries Thanks for watching! xoxo ☠ Stephanie


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BeBaBoO17 says:

B A D. A S S !

bigalec100 says:

cool makeup

bigalec100 says:

you look cute

brennie555 says:

Cool 😀
I think the only place you went wrong is the lipstick… Chucky’s bride (Tiffany) has full, human-like features and dark lipstick. But still, great tutorial! 😀 <3

Natalie Briggs says:

That is so AWESOME im totally using it this holloween for sure! Thanks OohLaLashes! u really helped for a perfect bride chucky thing!

doggy1997 says:

Are you a fan of the Chucky (Child’s Play) movie franchise?

linzi7646 says:

Sorry its not letting me do hearts xxx

linzi7646 says:

-3 even xx

linzi7646 says:

How did u get ur eyes from blue to white xx -3

OohLaLashes says:

Aww thank you! <3

OohLaLashes says:

Why not? 

OohLaLashes says:

Close! I’m Northern Irish 🙂

OohLaLashes says:

Thanks! Yes I am :)

1313mnyfngrs says:

This is not bride of chucky

megan cairney says:

i think your literally amazing! you are so talented, and your are very pretty <3

PenguinSurfing30 says:

you could probably pass as chuckys daughter

Kaan Sezgin says:

beutiful girl 🙂

catlover3mma2000 says:

are you scottish??

LilJayGee254 says:

This is really cool , I tried out and it came out wierd since I have a beige skin color /:

Ms123emma says:

i dont know why im watching this, dolls creep me out, even though she is not a real doll it still scare the crap out of me.-shudders-

jb4evrnckj says:

I can’t tell if you have an accent or if you’re talking like a valley girl.

Lovely5646 says:

That really scared me!

buckles229 says:


doggy1997 says:

Cute. Are you from Ireland?

Simone Hendriksen says:


mintykisses3 says:

this was nice (:

Ugurcan Erdem says:

and that’s where whores come from :)… nah i’m joking :/?

OohLaLashes says:

@29crazycat haha! 🙂

OohLaLashes says:

woo i love them!

OohLaLashes says:

haha thanks!