1920’s Ghost Make Up

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This was a look I created for a make-up class last year. It’s based on the character Elvira from “Blithe Spirit.” I was practicing finger wave, and thought this would be an awesome Halloween costume idea. You’ll need: *Cosmetic Sponges *Dark and light brown eyeshadow *White cream based make-up *Brown cream based make-up *White powder *Non-shimmer bronzer *White and Dark brown eye pencils *You skin color concealer *Green concealer


missywho04 says:

what is the song at the end of the video? i love it .

TaylorSwiggy says:

I’m going to be this for halloween. 😀 Thanks. =]

villapivillapi says:

What´s the name of the song?? :3

soporo18 says:

Hi my dear, I watch your tutorial and I love it!
Can you make a tutorial of Lillian Gish’s make up? I was lookin for it and don’t find anything, please, make one! ^^

TheTreeLobotomist says:

you look kind of like marion davies

vintagyst says:

wonderful tutorial!
but the whole time I thought with that pale look you resemble Felicity Huffman a bit 😉

FutureMrsRKO says:

question: do you think it would be ok to do with white and black/gray makeup instead of brown?? i’m gonna try not to make it too black and dark so i was gonna throw in some gray…any thoughts would be appreciated! thanks!

MadyRoseAnderson says:

you have the perfectly shaped facial features for this look, very classy and looks great on you!

Theatremouse13 says:

I prepared for the role of Elvira, but I got the role of Ruth, so I actually still get to use the makeup!! Thanks for the help!! 😀

ThePinUpSweetShoppe says:

There are a lot of things you could use. If you go to your local beauty store like Sally’s or a costume store, they usually have colored hairspray that you can get in different colors. Also, different theatrical make-up companies have hair whiteners and grey…ers. haha It’s a liquid that you brush into your hair!

And the funny thing is, that make-up look as used for a class project I did and I was Elvira! weeeiiirrdd!

Theatremouse13 says:

Just a question: How could you make dark hair grey, to be consistent with the character “Elvira” from “Blithe Spirit”……?? Your makeup is fabulous, can you recommend how to make hair grey??

racehorse87 says:

This is fabulous! Thank you so much! I have to be a 1920’s ghost in a musical … I just followed your tutorial and it turned out great! 🙂

ThePinUpSweetShoppe says:

<3 !!!

FooWeeSan says:

What is the use of the wet bar of soap applied to your brows???

MissSariElizabeth says:

This is excellent! And when I first clicked on the video, I was hoping you were going to play “Ghost of Stephen Foster”. 😀

Ashiechic7 says:

omg!!!you look like the queen from the Chitty Chitty bang bang movie!the one who sings with the fat “Choochie Occhie Pair” !!!

Drainyou888 says:

OK.. if I saw a ghost from the 1920s I would fliiip!! Ha ha it was such a CREEPY era! But I LOVE IT! I Think I will do this look next halloween!

xFraeuleinFlauschig says:

the shape of your face is great for this makeup 🙂

ALivingEvil says:

Wow that’s awesome 😮

sarahxDjiggzz says:

oh please don’t get upset but this reminds me of lady gaga in paparazzi. lol very cool none the less :)

cilla16 says:

that look is so beautiful

pink70makeup says:

Very good job

19myself91 says:

very nice!!

Devotchkas138 says:

pin up zombie sounds perfekt! Looking forward to see it!

ThePinUpSweetShoppe says:

1950’s as in…? Pin up? House wife?

I’m working on a Pin Up Zombie look if that helps.

ThePinUpSweetShoppe says:

Yup! You can also use spirit gum. Soap was just one of the main ways I was taught to get rid of your eyebrows (and the only thing I had handy at the time). Plus, my skin’s allergic to some chemicals.

Devotchkas138 says:

Please please please do a 50s ghost pinup. I´m gonna be that at halloween and need some insperation!

chungweiteng says:

wow that was a lot makeup you were wearing, but it was very awsome…coool thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamboofreak says:

thanks that helps =)

ThePinUpSweetShoppe says:

I got mine from a Theatrical make-up store called Main Stage. But costume stores usually have it..those don’t really work as well as stage make-up though.

I don’t know about Scotland, though. Jealous!