Ideas for DIY Super Mario Bros Party Costumes

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Close All these fabulous photos are from FLICKR users (used with permission to share). Contact me if you want to get a link directly to any of the images.


Jaystrain08 says:

1:01- not appropriate for young eyes hahaha

peaceluvdogz13 says:

V that.

Msyrox73 says:

I wanna be Liugi

TehCatPeach says:

Hey Malon! I’m sorry this is the wrong game.

Natetheepic says:

No waluigi? Shhaaaaame.

TacticalxTurd says:

@1:00 yoshis tounge looks like something im not sayin nothing enymore…

TacticalxTurd says:

nobody relly cares dude its only a plush.

truckingbabe1 says:

I want the rosalina

haileypup12 says:

cool at 0:40 I have what mario is holding if you dont belive me look at my videos.

legokidish says:

At 40 seconds I have what luigis holding

clubpenguin11109 says:


clubpenguin11109 says:


MissOwl2000 says:

the music is so cool

Girgirl1410 says:

ooh I wanna be Rosalina !

Allie McCabe says:

1:31 Malon…? why are you just randomly sitting there…

kaniya911 says:

I loved the homemade Mario and Luigi costumes! 🙂

pavy30 says:

1:29 sonic too?

TheKaren2004 says:

One costume was weegee

mackywacky00 says: