Halloween Costumes Video #1

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I had this idea of getting a bunch of Halloween Costumes from Leg Avenue together and trying them all on/modeling them for you all! Point of this video is to help the average girl see what the costumes look like so avoid buying the wrong costume and having to deal with returning it, etc.. . I know many of us shop online now a days OR some Halloween Costume stores don’t provide dressing rooms so how is one suppose to know what it looks like?! SO, I hope this video gives you all an idea of what each costume looks like on a 5’2, size 4-6, 115lbs girl : ) Thanks for stopping by and watching! Comments, opinions, and tips are always welcome! I am also accepting costume suggestions for Halloween Costumes Video #2


nah515 says:

just so people know wearing butterfly wings to a halloween party that has lots of people is the worst experience your wings will slap people in the face and you will feel uncomfortable lol

handles1057 says:

I have the same alice costume your wearing!

anshgrey says:

yeah i am….i lost a bet….so i had too.

SuperRamos33 says:

wow all ur costumes are really cute i luved them great job

sugarspice0000 says:

thanks so much for this video!!! This really helped a lot!!!

anshgrey says:

yeahhh 😛
its for my girlfriend 😛

annaversary says:

i have that one! i love it.. i wear it every OTHER halloween 😉

annaversary says:

i love that one too! LOL, wait.. you’re a male?!

annaversary says:

yes they do! i did not add any accessories to these costumes 🙂 everything in the video was included in their individual packages!

Pinkcuddlesxoxo says:

I think i’m gonna be the cuddly lion this halloween! Looks so cute.
Thanks, good video 🙂

d3lbaby says:

Do they come with the socks & everything ?

anshgrey says:

well i love the miss wonderland dress……
last Halloween my friends told to become a girl as i lost a bet with a girl…..so i actually have this dress till now its looks very cute….

KleraThomas says:

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criseldaprangehkg says:

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junerosie321 says:

o cool!!!

annaversary says:

I did not buy them nor was I sponsored, I had a friend who worked at a costume store so I borrowed them 🙂

junerosie321 says:

did u buy every single one of these?? if not how did you get them all????