Halloween Costume Ideas for Your 4 Legged Friends

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AmiBeth and Megan are in the studio with 2 special guests.


slicious9 says:

Instagram?? Follow me!! Pannkakor75

shoesclothespurses says:

Dakota is beautiful!

JORDYN Flores says:

Hate amibeth

collegegirl318 says:

i hate dogs! (except the life-saving ones)

angelaparkes says:

Thanks! 🙂

TheMegznbacon says:

mine is @megz_n_bacon amibeths is @amibeth you can also follow amiclubwer @amiclubwear 🙂


The pittie! -3

angelaparkes says:

What are your Instagram usernames?

thedevilsangles1 says:

I’m going to dress my dogs up like cats and my cats up like dogs

jen1music1vids says:

awh! hoooow adorable! they should make kitty costumes!!! <3

bazaargirlful says:

that toy yorkie <33333

jennjenn885 says:

Dakota is adorable!!!

MsAbiBabe says:

I don’t make any sense #_# never mind, my dear! <3

Sophie Soltroll says:

So cute:D

ToriaDarlene says:

Can I have your dogs? 

missprisss says:

… what?

missprisss says:

you guys better watch your backs. i’m going to steal your dogs. haha, just kidding………….. 0.o

chelsNbri says:

Lennon!!! And dekota! They’re cute!

kirbylilly98 says:

homecoming’s coming up…amybeth help me find a dress!

PatchHasFallen says:

id do this to my dog if she hadnt died to weeks ago :(((

funfreak3420 says:


TheFemmeFi says:

too cute!

MsAbiBabe says:

Diction, ladies. Sorry, it’s a musical theatre problem I have of criticism. xx

ElphabaMaddison says:

aww dekota is soo cute

Actuallie26 says:

I dress my cats up for holidays lol My boyfriend is always like WTF are you doing to them! lol

calculatour says:

what are theirs instagram? 🙂 i wanna follow them

funnygirl592 says:

I Love Dakota! She seems so calm and mild haha

domonique281 says:

Dakota looks like the dog off of the sad animal commercials):