Cosplay Foam Armor Build

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I show you step by step how to build foam armor. Subscribe and share with friends and forums. Thanks 🙂 Watch my other build Cosplay Helm: Hatd Breast plate: Shoulders: Email me ya pics:


megakx says:

Thank you for this video, it was very detailed and insightful on working with EVA foam. Very helpful, thank you.

mongolotv says:

awesome! i want to do a war hamer but i dont know how, you should do a video
how to do it 😀

boochieboy814 says:

Just realized your couch looks like a bunch of BUTT CHEEKS ()()
Nice video by the way.

youeatmetube says:

The problem is where do I get that gray stuff. I tried to find it in a hardware store but no luck. What do you normally use that for, building of houses, cars what ?

odiousominious says:

Thanks for the vid

Mr6joe6 says:

finnally someone that shows how to get the metalic effect! thank you

Airg0lem says:

its not realy craft foam ( the mats) there fatigue mats that you stand on, office stores could sell them

R109Fett says:

Thank you very much for showing me how to do this. This will really help me now.

DietColaofDeath says:

Sorry for misjudging! It was wrong of me, you’re very helpful and awesome

2DayWithPatrickJ says:

haha Thank you

DietColaofDeath says:

0:01 this guy’s gonna be am awkward creeper…
0:02 Im wrong this guy’s hilariously awesome!

shotokan830 says:

where do you get the craft foam ie what stores do you buy it from

wutdafeezy says:

Lmao! Thank you for the informative and entertaining video. Not everyone can buy, melt, shape & weld metal or afford a lot of the armor materials some of these other armor tutorials use. This is my kind of armor cosplay making ideas. Inexpensive yet better looking than some of the real metal armor I see on YouTube. Kudos and I would love to see more(:

CumQuaT1337 says:

Is the hot glue enough to hold the strapping on reliably? Do you have any other suggestions to make it stronger?

monkey11717 says:

dude you are AWESOME!!!

999GHz says:

I like this guy, VERY enthusiastic.

rezurexionkevin says:

For buckles, may I suggest dog collars? You can get them at some dollar stores for 2/1$!


i can use a hair dryer instead a hot gun?

zemo979 says:

can i use a hairdryer instead of heat gun?

boardgamenerd says:

LOL!!! :p 8:31-8:36

DavidFausset says:

Armor’s looking a lot nicer in this one

Kazgrinega says:

I’m a fan. I like the fact that you kept it as a fairly simple design for the demo, but it’s also fairly easy to see how much, and how easily the whole thing can be elaborated on. I was going to try and make myself a vacu-former (and pump out cheap armor for my local LARP group) but even if the armor itself will only cost a few dollars, the machine and mold making materials would easily cost much mroe. this is going to be so much simpler and easier

crimsontraitor says:

I hate it to be here in germany sometimes, the Foam costs a fortune here.

TheSpookieDoo says:

perfect Representative for USA i will vote for you as president

CheifPwnsanoob says:

8:31-8:35 that’s what she said

MrLeehusttle says:

This guy is nuts lol

DerRitterDesWut says:

What looks best, (jsut a tip, I think your armor is cool :D)
Is build the chest, and stomach, and upper back, and lower back all seperate so you have more mobility and can move more.
Have the chest over lap the stomach. really helps plus its good for looks

DerRitterDesWut says:

Its called “EVA foam”
Can buy it at sears in the sports department. 🙂

DaMastorify says:

I’m planning on making something but what kind of foam is that, does it have a name or type

PMSBlueJay says:

This is a awesome tutorial! I think it will really help with my NCR ranger cosplay!! I’m so stoked now!

PsiQss says:

Wow dude, I just wanted to find some tutorials on making an armor and move on, but you’re so cool I just couldn’t resist subscribing ;D

One question though, how durable this armor actually is? I wanted to make one for LARP and I’d like to make sure if it won’t break when I’m crushed by a dragon or a falling space ship.

DerRitterDesWut says:

Dude this is great! thanks for the help.

jayveeMurder says:

-I will use this to help me make my Centurion armor from Fallout NV. I’ll be shure to email ya some pictures. Thanx m/

deonflowers says:

you should do foam samurai armor better than indy moguls i believe you can. 🙂

2DayWithPatrickJ says:

i have it on the back burner but hopefully soon 🙂

wertherenn says:

Do you have a vid on how to make a Gauntlet ?

2DayWithPatrickJ says:

Thank you so much!!! I wish you luck on your attempts!

SanctusNyanUsagi says:

As a cosplay-building newbie, this is tremendously helpful! Jeez! I would totally be lost without your help, and you make it so the steps are quite useful, easy to follow, and enjoyable; with your quirky remarks and personality to boot. Thanks a bunch!

-January H.

kyle1986ify says:

man you are the best!! Please make more foam armor!!

spliffed87 says:

U rock my socks dude!

DivadWaldoss says:

Indy Mogul is awesome man! They focus more on filmmaking know, which is the point of indy mogul… filmmaking. I’m pretty sure they made just about every prop with every technique they could without making the same thing twice. I like IM how it is now…

stranglechord says:

You should be a pitchman. 😀



MakY19P3rU says:

Use protection

hero123654 says:


SuperBob909 says:

Enjoyed your video loads thanks for the tips 🙂

Burrito43754 says:

wait you can get foam at dollar tree for a dollar? you dont say??? jk ive been looking for cheap foam!!!!!!!!!!!

xatyt says:

Also if you dab with a rag, you can remove the hot glue without having to wait for it to dry before removing it from your flesh.