Anime Expo 2011 Best Costumes & Cosplayers

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As always, there were so many cool costumes at AX but here’s my top 10. It’s based on craftsmanship, creativity, originality and FUN! Song is called “Time To Pretend” by MGMT I’m sure I missed a lot of great costumes, LACC was packed. Thanks to everyone at AX, it was awesome hanging out with you guys!


SarahSKullOfficial says:

@TheViciousMoob If i tried i will probably burn down my house lol, i am really crappy at making stuff

TheViciousMoob says:

Get off your lazy ass and do it yourself.

dragonwhogirl says:

ow, woah..The costumes are all amazing! and those assasins creed blade shooty awesome hand things…….want them!!!!

Edward Elric says:

That little 4-year-old is the most awesomest cutest thing in the world!!!!!!!!

AliWinston99 says:

5:18 i have the mask of the bunny splicer that the dude does

TheLadyIzel says:

I can’t wait to have kids since my sister is a year younger than me, making her 17, and she thinks its lame. Maybe I can bring my brother since he loves things like this and looks younger than 13. My sister is kind of the more normal when it comes to things like this because my mom LOVES anime and doesn’t mind cosplay and video games. Only thing is we are low on cash.

kapowieistheguy says:

Hah! It only took the Asian a week to make the awesome costume!

TheRubythehedgehog says:

i wish i had a sister like that .n.

mocareiku says:

Your logo is Hipster Slenderman :3

shadowluver94 says:


Kaitlyn Napolitano says:

Im going to nekocon in november and hopefully going to cosplay as the little sister 😀

ubmissy says:

That little girl is BOSS. My sis is trying to get me to do that with a big sister and a little sister….

winterspize says:

the animator works at roosterteeth, also does the moves for red vs blue

daniel thelordpredator says:

at 3:40 is that lois out of l4d!

missali4490 says:

i want an assains creed costume

MsNarusakufan says:


xAshxlittlecupcakex says:

I want the girl version costume of Mario! that dress was awesome 🙂

bionicalgaming says:

i clap… i clap very much…

mami2freshh says:

That assasins dude is hot lol

NatCat1997 says:

did anyone else see near from death note on number 4???

Katara7392 says:

number 9 i think was a bad guy from final fantasy

TheLittlememo says:

omg wheeeerreeee do i get a boyfriend like that ?! (number 2)

147Tiktok says:


SarahSKullOfficial says:

i wish i had a boyfriend that designed my costumes

xBrittasaur says:

I think I just died from adorable<3

iloveodieandbobalina says:

😀 I Love Bioshock! That little girl is soo cute(:

Carterk111 says:

0:30 It’s the one on the right isnt it?

Tetrah1 says:

0:30 WHAT? Well, we can solve this just pressing the “Deactivate Anotations” ._.

jamesaellis says:

Great work on the Bioshock costumes. Really good job! :D

InuyashaMegaGirl says:

That little girl was Little L and a little sister! Kawaii and freakin awesome.

yogotiss says:

Pause at 5:41… Gives me Goosebumps