Vampire Makeup Tutorial for Guys

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industrial vampire

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dinarzatec says:

Me encantó (love it)!

SuperPartytimes says:

well done

Theshadowgirl01 says:

*COUGH hot as hell COUGH* sorry a little tickle in my throat very nice work.

Errka93 says:

WERY GOOOOD! 😀 exept: you look more like a zombie than a vampire but what tha heck… WERY GOOOOD job!

Rodrigosouzatech says:

First song: Blutengel – angels of the dark
Second song: Terminal Choice – Keine Macht

your very good tutorial! Thank you!

iliveinacubicle says:

😀 wait till you see my new one for this year. i actually got some training in makeup after this

CristiSiLarisa says:

adrian you’re fucking awesome

1evilboy2 says:

Cool video m8.

nikore13 says:

What is the name of the second song?

nikore13 says:

Good music man!!!
And the vampire look is awesome

rOXiisEZZ82 says:

Awsome dude! Ya I can’t wait to see yr new one for 2012 ×_×

ZEEkillsyou says:

i do have one question…well maybe a few…where did you get those contact and sense im wearing it possible to still wear them?

Jayson Lee Minus says:

so it’s really hard to put eyeliner with mouth close,..just notice with many tutorial,..

Twwistad says:

You should have tinted your lips with blue or purple. But great job!

VampireISaWitch says:

Hey Cool Video,What is the title of the Song?

frightsummers99 says:

he dose his make up pretty well for a guy 😀 and he can still be concidered manly

Jesse Jeffries says:

I’d like to see more stuff with just eyeliner. I’ve had some difficulty getting looks I’m satisfied with because I’m extremely pale and have extremely sensitive eyes. I’ve thus far mostly only used an eyeliner pencil, does a liquid pen work better?

BrooketChick says:

I spazzed out. Such a goregous, sexy man.
Oh, the things I’d do to you…

TheDennisMadness says:

Is doch nice :DDD
Was ist das fürn Lidschatten?

shaynasays666 says:

You are sooo damn HOT! I wana boyfriend like this delicious Man

MissAmidala18 says:


sjn538 says:

hey are you vampire

reneesme00 says:

Perfectt *-* I loved *-*

MerlinVSharrypotter says:

What song is that

nerdygeoff says:

you could add a list of the products you use in the descripition

iliveinacubicle says:

im going to be making a way more intense one. i made this one before i got really good at it and my own look. 🙂

OscarSkoglundTV says:

cool, but maybe better with red eyes? c: