Sweet Treats Halloween Costume Pigtails

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Gezzilyn shows us a cute and quick hair tutorial to match the perfect Suzy Homemaker Costume. You gotta love the pigtails with the creepy children in her hair! 😉


Sm1Ss24 says:

couldn’t find it unfortunately

morinomusume says:

it’s adorable I love it !

diamantelarisa says:

I lovee mean girls! haha <3

sonicSWEETheart says:

she’s so pretty~ i want more hair tutorials from her!

OCBfosho says:

Umm halloween is in two months…

zzzsleepy says:

I’d like to see more of the costume. Show us the back! Do a little spin!

shesikags says:

hahahaah loooove that quote 🙂 nice (Y)

jessfashion1 says:

haha epic win!!

claudiaxcorona says:

cute model! shes a keeper! 🙂

florencelovme says:

…and after youre done going from door to door for treats and tricks, you can stand on your street corner and earn some cash from horny drivers lol!

florencelovme says:

did she call herself jazlin? jocelyn? jeslin? wtf?!

yeseniareyes197 says:

I will rock this with my thick leggs

Belieber1gurl says:

great i now know what i’m being for Halloween,… a hot dog

LPPACSdancer says:

Pshh it’s called amiclubwear for a reason! For a lot of people once you turn a certain age it’s the one night a year girls can dress like total sluts and no one can say anything about them.
Yes, I’m quoting mean girls

PotatoHunter says:

You kind of look like Emma Stone

atagirlhiya says:

lol creepy children dolls…

collegegirl318 says:

this costume looks whorish

jen1music1vids says:

wow, its already that time of year, its flown by! lol but im excited! halloween is my fav holiday and fall is my fav season! <3

JaydaChack says:

First view firs comment 😀