Rag Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorial (My Costume)

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I completely forgot the freckles! =O Well now I definitely won’t forget them on Halloween. heh More pictures of my costume on my blog: kittylovesmakeup.blogspot.com Leg Avenue Rag Doll Costume: www.discountwomensdressshoes.com Circle lens: EOS Super Nudy Blue (Not GEO, sorry~) crystaleyes.atbhost.net The brushes used in this video are from Sigma’s Professional Brush Roll Kit www.sigmabeauty.com ^ Receive a free gift with your purchase of $30 or more! Products Used Eyes: Michael Todd Eye shadow base Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Pure White NYX eyeshadow trio in Ultra Chic Annabelle Smoothliner in Meteorite L’oreal Hip Duo in Showy Revlon Matte eye shadow in Vintage Lace Annabelle Smudgeliner in Oh my goth! (black) L’oreal Lineur intense in Carbon Black False Eye lashes Lash Grip Adhesive eyelash glue Face: (not shown in video) Olay sensitive face lotion SPF 15 Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Medium ELF High Definition Powder 28 color blush palette (hot pink color) Lips: (not shown in video) EOS lipbalm in Lemon Drop Wet N Wild lipstick in Pink Suga Lancome Rouge Vibration 104 Lipstick DISCLAIMER: Costume was kindly sent by www.discountwomensdressshoes.com for tutorial purposes.


kiahsings13 says:

nyx eyeliner pencil in moonlight is i little darker but it works and is cheaper!!

ladykate538 says:

i wish there was halloween in the netherlands 🙁

EmmiiBoBemmii says:

I have that exact costume!!!

marilyn garcia says:

wow….u look so cute on this tutorial….

Msmango97 says:

I think I’m gonna do this whole rag doll look for this upcoming Halloween now 🙂 lol

Kpopfan1996 says:

i love it 😉

emilyr0se11 says:

i am now fficailly being a rag doll for halloween.

peanutbuttercup115 says:

being a rag doll for Halloween

risingstar808 says:


marybeefus says:

this is my Halloween costume from two years ago!

bubblesandchips1 says:

i am gonna be a rag doll but i dont know what to wear and its too late to buy a costume! help?

JenniferDarkness says:

omg ilove this show u know the music

nona8901 says:

I bought the same costume before i even saw this vid!

Airfah says:

It makes me want to watch Boys Over Flower Again because of the music .

CheyenneShow1 says:

really good job 😀

ninjalawn says:

yaay! i’m being a rag doll!! woot wooootttt

feifei591 says:

omg i got the same costume this year!

UptownBombshell says:

I bought that EXACT same costume today :))))
can you say…. TWINS?!?!lol

PlatinumxLove says:

im a ragdoll:) im doing this look thanks !:)

qyun888 says:

it is from boys over flowers 🙂

missglitzybabe says:

same costume!!!!

ohhbrackett10 says:

my friends doing this for halloween too :) <3

KyleeLovesYou22 says:

I have the same coustume!!(:

liddokoolaid says:

I LUV this tutorial, my costume this year is going to be a rag doll….yay

IMissBritneyAlexI says:

Instead of watching the grudge one (which had really uncomforting comments) , i watched this

xXJocyBabyGirlXx says:

you have somenthing black on your right eye S: , iit looks like it hurts

baconandkiwi says:

@stardollmakeupmoose1 she is Asian lol

rainiswet12 says:

This is my costume for this year! (:
I LOOOOVE it! and you TOTALLY rock it! I cant wait for Halloween, and our halloween dance!

RegGlamCam says:

i just bought this costume today!!!! =)

StardollMakeupMoose1 says:

In the beginning i was looking at the pictures and i was like Awh shes a cute asian:) and then i was like omg shes mexican ish

TheGirlagenstwar says:

you realy do look lyk a doll SUPER CUTE 😀

TheGirlagenstwar says:

you realy do look lyk a doll

stephch19 says:

its so pretty

mezmaries says:

I like this vid

sweetsweetoldme says:

I like the freckle in your eye! Ur really pretty, thanks doe this video

Melinda510 says:

You look great

MissSiayshaBoop says:

My sister wore that costume for halloween or a similar one xx -3 •••••*•••••*•••••**•••••*•••••*•••••

MsPurplesparkles says:

heyyy!!! loved ur tutorial why dont u make a video on your contact lenses collection and how to put in ur contacts. i really wanna c all ur contacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

romancostumes says:

always nice

peanutts830 says:


alexis1495 says:

Because i’m stupid by ss501. <3
nice tutorial! 😀

fatFRIESareAWESOME says:

Omg!!! I wore that costume last year too!!!!:D

MonyharuKia says:

Wow i had this costume and it sukked i never found a fricken ttutorial >:o

vaby1710 says:


jamiemonroe30 says:

so pretty, i LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS i thik i will be this thi Hallaween coming up unless you do more cute ones then i wont be able to decide:) you are so adorable in this costume it looks so good on you:P

jamiemonroe30 says:

so pretty, i LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS i thik i will be this thi Hallaween coming up unless you do more cute ones then i wont be able to decide:)

clarilious says:

that is so beautiful!!! LOVE THE RAGDOLL LOOK!