How-to Make a Girl’s Pirate Costume, Threadbanger

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YARRRR!!! Take to the high DIY seas with Corinne as she transforms an old pair of leather pants and work shirt into and entire pirate costume. All for under 10 swashbucklin bucks.


FutureTaylorSwift131 says:

Should the white shirt be a little big or fit correctly?

sweetangel0467 says:

I love the random advertisement in the middle

chloes9704 says:

why would a pirates weapon be a pair of scissors..?

CostumeCircus says:

Great tutorial. The costume looks like it’s bought off the rack! great job!

Emily Potter says:

I love that costume

AtticusRh0des says:

I LOVE THIS, you so talented its crazy, and your an adorable pirate whats not to love?

XxDCDesignsxX says:

@Oliver Armstrong
That’d be so awesome 😀

Oliver Armstrong says:

i know this is really geeky but can you make a tutorial on a ciel phantomhive coustume… for women and 12 year old geekey girls?

TuesdayShanice says:

Awesome tutorial! Thanks 🙂

MeiMcKorrmik says:

That’s really cute, wow !
I’d love to make that!

123catgal says:

well its amazing and i think u sould continue watching 😛 😀

95heavymetalchick says:

tis too much info after a while when i want to remember everything. and anyone mentioning the 2 years later versions is a spoiler 😀

estan1996 says:

threadbanger dental floss?

123catgal says:

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! and i loove the story line 😐 i am almost 15 (birthday is on may 11) and i still love it

95heavymetalchick says:

well you found someone .
it was my fav anime for a long time XD
but it got really exhausting , all that info >_> i mean , its is totally awesome but i cant remember everyything and everyone >_< and i dont like that i feel old ._. (16 is old hahahah) fav chara?

123catgal says:

just like that XD

95heavymetalchick says:

okay im an exception. but why did you ask anyways?

123catgal says:

well you know them 😛

95heavymetalchick says:

i doubt anyone knows the strawhat pirates around here.

95heavymetalchick says:

its mainly a toga lol

LuciferDaFallenAngel says:

Ahoy there matey prepare to be boarded Arrrrrr!

123catgal says:

Does anyone know ONE PIECE HERE?

jadegirl3331 says:

i think im going to make a victorian costume and wear it to walmart.

neveisselee says:

OMG u should totally do a greek goddesss costume they’re sosoo awsome but quite expensive at the costume shop over here

makeupmadness77 says:

i made the hat by bending an old straw hat and then i spray painted it and added some feathers and a brooch

anneloeskrul says:

thriftstores are your friend in this case.

sheadatear says:

Put your measuring tape around your entire hairline. It’s roughly 21 inches.

seoemaven says:

do make a video on – How to make a pirate costume for men too , I love to dress like a pIrate !

TheOnlyBabeWithBrain says:

The first tb video i saw, then I watched almost all the others and subscribed 🙂