Halloween Costumes for Kids | Superheros 2012

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Halloween Costumes 2012 best video. More costume videos: www.youtube.com Ideas for babies, toddlers, kids, children and teens, the Superheros featuring Batgirl, Wonderwoman, the Flash, Green Lantern the Joker, Batman and Robin. Pretty cute kids and cool costumes! Costumes are from the Rubies Costume Collection www.rubies.com best halloween costumes ever


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lukemember says:

i would have changed that robin coustume to a ARKAM CITY Robin costume

Jackie Smith says:

joker mask stupid

ForeverTheMia says:

To cute

FaithTheMutt says:

Who cares if she’s mentally ( or physiclly ) challenged. The kid is still awesome.

goku123e says:

0:50 The hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs

iRyanVG says:

Is joker really a superhero?

wzatf says:

this is slightly disturbing..

Flanrules says:

batgirl isnt supposed to be pink

Muhammad Shoaib says:

Not cool

ininin86 says:

I looooove Halloween!:) Interesting costumes & cosplays at JOYFAY.COM ♥

Miguel Molina Fuentes Molina Fuentes says:

because they put this shit video and Chant are integers costumes and faces of little children more stupid than dog shit

Mastercash779 says:

At 0:28 thumbs up if you think shes retarded

AfYN says:

i was gonna complain about you teaching children about violence and how stereotypically american it was, then i saw the boy in the pink batman costume and was like omfg way to go, promoting indivualism then i realized it was a girl and remembered americans generally thinks sex is more offensive than violence, then i remembered i had a girl sleeping in my bed so i’m gonna go do all of the above to her just for the lulz.

Drake Hayalla says:

baby batman is so fofo , the best hero is baby batman , o melhor heroi é o batman bebê, o pior é o menino vestido de batgirl ,the boy wearning batgirl clothes is ugly

TheMagno2209 says:

n acredito que tem 2 milhoes

rgamer2001 says:

vai se foder quem posta essa meerda

Coley Poley says:

I’m Batman…..o_o….

lynai calderon says:

none of them landed a punch..

ardit20018 says:

Tooo.. much.. BATMAN!… Argh! My Eyes!..

alaskapple says:

Wonder Women black? Naw The Name Has A Wonder In The Name Must Be White ;D

awesomemind9 says:

No PowerRanger.. WTF??

Lolcutiegirl says:

clap ur hands 5 times

say selena 5 times

post this on 2 other vids

check ur voice

kevin Aronsson says:

baby batman is cool

TeamTripleZero says:

Flash is pretty fucking slow :/

rhaniadiva says:

haha lol

aime877 says:


081jai says:

Muito gata ..batgata kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

starferret3 says:

I know how to make that flash run…………………..hee hee. Here look in the toilet little boy

GaminqqCentralHD says:

the flash cant run for shit

GaminqqCentralHD says:

they all look like fucked up copies of the real ones.

batistootah says:

the music, too… totally tripping…

costumecauldron says:

These kids are so darn adorable!

idefineebeauty123 says:


ElbenPh says:

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RockOut446 says:

okay, im at that weird part of youtube again…

fusionfallsnow82 says:

the babe was soo cute!!!

luvmeforever3 says:

Did anyone see that batman was an adult? xD

awsem1000 says:

joker needs to see a bottox docter

Musicstyle69 says:

I should learn how to calculate tangents .. now what am i doing? -.-