Halloween Costume Ideas – Rapunzel Tangled Outfit

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Halloween Costume Ideas – Rapunzel Tangled Outfit – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Robin Charin and I am the owner of R.T. Clown. We have lovely Eva, once again. Now, I am sure all the kids have seen the movie Tangled. This is our classic Rapunzel Tangled costume, if you want to take a swirl around and show us the whole thing. This costume was made by a professional to look close to the outfit but not exact because we are not Walt Disney, but it is a lovely dress. It can also be just a classic princess. Happily ever after has beautiful, long blond hair but if, for some reason, you do not have the beautifully long blond hair, and most of us do not, you can use a professional wig. I actually bought this from a wig shop. You can go online and spend lots of money and buy a professional, long wig. If you are not in the business, fine, but if you are, it is very important that you look authentic. And so, this is the traditional Rapunzel long wig. Fairytale princesses, whether it is the Disney princesses, whether it is a generic princess, you got a little girl; you are going to a party. It is a definite win. You can add some of your own stuff to it. You can make your little girl with lipstick. Give her a little eye shadow. It is not a scary costume. It is just a pretty Halloween costume.