Frankie Stein Monster High Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

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Emma shows you to do your costume makeup like Frankie Stein from Monster High. Emma is one of YouTube’s Youngest Makeup Gurus at only 8 years old. Products Used: white base: generic Halloween kit from Wallmart Greenish Eyeshadow: Monster High Scary Cute makeup kit Blue Eyeshadow: Sugar Pill Sweet Heart Pallet Light Blue Eyeshadow: 88 shimmer Pallet from MUAC Lip Stick: Cherry Red by LA Colors OUR LINKS: OURPLAYLISTS All of Emma’s Beauty/Makeup tutorials YouTube’s youngest makeup guru! Started at 6 years old, she is learning how to apply makeup and teaching you at the same time. See her mishaps and successes! KittiesMama Weekly Family Vlogs These are all our vlogs so far, listed in order from the first through the most recent. This is so you can just start from the beginning, sit back and watch all of them in order. KittiesMama Skits and Shorts All of kittiesmama’s skits and short videos! MUSIC USED IN VIDEO: Orion Bells by Terepin Released under Creative Commons Attribution license 3.0 Disclaimer: Some of the items mentioned were given to me by They are not paying me for this video. All opinions are my own.


hwangjioia says:

밑에 일본새끼 씨발 닦쳐ㅋ.ㅋ 근데
꼬마여자애 화장 잘하네^!^

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GirlGotItBad says:

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peaceout228 says:


Peter White says:

wow and she blended all the colors together perfectly :U the eyeshadow too! shes REALLY talented!! next Michell Phan 😀

Peter White says:


Rose Bud says:

Starting off like this, you will soon become a makeup artist! Keep it up 🙂

Jocelyn Perez says:

I have just posted a cool Emoticon!

Elizabeth Jimenez says:

u guys who make fun of this lil girl are a**holes!

claw deen says:

keep up the good work

claw deen says:

good job

UVpasta says:

bye youtubie!!! :D

smika9827 says:

She only a little girl so stop being mean you are just mad because you can’t do makeup like her

reinita981 says:

Wig you dumb butt

Angie Lynch says:

SHUT UP!!!!!

alexis marrufo says:

i hate you and your mom you suck your weird and your gay haha noob:D

Robin Humphrey says:

I have that monsterhigh eye stuff

Robin Humphrey says:

i have that eye stuff

Robin Humphrey says:


denise burdette says:


Camille Alves says:

I’m from Brazil, but I understand a bit of English I am 10 years old, and I loved the transformation! was beautiful, kisses By camille – sou do brasil , mas entendo um pouco do inglês tenho 10 anos , e adorei a transformação ! ficou linda , beijos Por camille

icefawn10223 says:

YOUR SO ADORABLE! Your so going to be a makeup person when you grow up… o_o

Eva Pacurar says:

she’s a big big full

Naniglexx says:

I love watchin ur turtorials

miranda macdonald says:

good job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luismbenitez49 says:

Please do robbeca steam

FraeuleinOktopus says:

oh my, i learnt what a foundation brush is when i was like… 20 years old
it’s not a bad thing though

jinx impish says:

she should do rochelle goyle

jinx impish says:

i’m so doing this to my cousin, she wants to be frainkie

kakacolors15 says:


aquaxterra101 says:

Its better for kids to be green to be orange :D. i think your so cute and continue doing these awesome tutorials xx

monsterhighstuff1 says:

Very cute girl, she should pursue modelling.

reinita981 says:

You forgot the wig

MrPlasmide says:

TF1 OP !

Tania Thomas says:

super cute

Hadsaie says:


lisibecky says:

she is a pro

Joyce Lung says:

emma’s so cute! i wish my mom would let me put make up on… -.-

Tyler Molyneux says:

so wat shes a little girl girl and how would u know bet u couldnt even do the whole tutorial! Awesome video Kitties Mama btw xxxxx

Angie Lynch says:

Frankie’s stich on her cheak has 2 lines

Дарья Шрамко says:

1:20 😀

TophjustAWSOME says:

Wow your an amazing and cute makeup artist 😀
BTW the scar is actually on the wrong cheek it’s (your) right cheek 😉

1dfrenzy says:

Haha she said booooooom! Lol that is to cute

katherine01lugo says:


MultiCutiepututie123 says:

you look sea sick

kawaii Land Piro says:

ahh cute