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Follow me on Pinterest! pinterest.com I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY Turquoise Ribbon Necklace video! 😀 Please like if you like! 😀 Please make my day by subscribing! *APRILATHENA7: www.youtube.com *COOKwithAPRIL:www.youtube.com Remember to favorite and share with friends if you enjoyed this video! YAY! Music by Carissa Rae! Thank you Carissa for allowing me to use your music in my video! 😀 www.youtube.com ✿You will need: Turquoise Beads (similar): amzn.to Visit your local craft store or even WalMart carries the turquoise squares. Ribbon: amzn.to Glue Gun: amzn.to Measuring Tape: amzn.to Scissors: amzn.to You can find everything you need to make this necklace at craft stores like Micheal’s, Joanns and more! ✿Random Facts: Filmed with my new camera CanonXA10: amzn.to My polka dot nails are Sally Hansen Salon Effects Pink A Dot: amzn.to Ring from Karmaloop Obey brand, it looks like a fake YSL Arty ring hehehe! LaMer Wrap Watch also from Karmaloop Save 20% at Karmaloop off with code April7 www.karmaloop.com ✿ Others places to find me, please subscribe and follow if you like: *COOKwithAPRIL:www.youtube.com *APRILATHENA7: www.youtube.com *FACEBOOK: tinyurl.com *BLOG: aprilathena7.blogspot.com *TWITTER: twitter.com Song: “Near of Far” by Carissa Rae Tags: DIY necklace, do it yourself, how to make a ribbon necklace, DIY ribbon necklace, DIY turquoise necklace, turquoise square, jewelry making, aprilathena7, cookwithapril, easy ribbon necklace, karmaloop, salon nail effect


Millie0894 says:

“Just kidding HEH HEH!”

RainsfordGal18 says:

they have the same exact beads @ walmart in the craft section

Goose2109 says:

This is beautiful!

suicidehaters22 says:

Where did you buy your stones/beads? Michels is too expensive

oogway214 says:

HAHAHA! I didn’t saw the title!

oogway214 says:

it reminds me of Pocahontas necklace 😀 and I’m going to do this since I’m gonna be Pocahontas on Halloween lol!

tanyad204 says:

pocahontas necklace!

auriellesweetz says:

i love this video. its very creative and gave me some inspiration for a new project

shelln3vab3MC says:

Where did u get the ring?

TheYolo88 says:

Ily so much haha

marib16 says:

cool!! where did u get ur cubes for the necklace??

Lenusik Velvetrose says:


2011alliecat says:

I made mine kind of crazy….leopard print ribbon and the turquoise stones. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. :)

FashionBySai says:

Very nice tutorial! Everybody can do this one 🙂

ruksluvsjb says:

where did you get the turquoise cubes

animeotaku8909 says:

the necklace looks pocahontas’ necklace 🙂

imanid50dee says:

the beads on amazon dont look like the ones in the video

jetadorecheveux07 says:

just untie the bow you made to put it on (:

brittanybeers says:

I think you are the most likeable beauty youtuber. How can someone not like you;)

MarsPearls says:

this makes me think of pocahontas!

Purplepantzily says:

Can you do one of those sleeveless collard shirts?(:

AlliesBeautyTips says:

arent the squares too heavy for the ribbon?, any ways, its super cute, i love the colors 🙂

biebergirl30 says:

@jojogal057 yeah like a lime green..

iloveforever21ful says:

How Do You Take The Necklace Off ?. :O

itselisagreen says:

the necklace looks so cool 🙂 it reminds me of what pocahontas wears in the disney movie

jojogal057 says:

am i the only one who thinks the ribbon is green…

1231partyanimal says:

your nails are the cutest things ever <3

makrorah says:

Love your ring =D
From where you got it ?