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muylly says:

a full knight of sleep? hahah, i’m dying, but that’s okay, at least i’m dying happy

Yan Charest says:

Trick or treat or sex? I’m coming by your house this halloween!

kaitlynandsony says:

you look like ashley green with that second costume on. hahah

MrTomasGomes says:

The slow motion parts kill me ahahaha

luvlegsraw says:

Cute, I want to spank you!!!

chasers16 says:

she reminds me of Liz Lemon on 30 Rock I love her

21snowqueen says:

i laughed so much of the full night of sleep

jefferycosta says:

Yaay for Grace boobs.

04gopackgo92 says:

1:33 She reminds me of Cindy Brunson from ESPN.

AnotherMacMovie says:

sooooooooooooo  maybe….. just maybe…

g33kthegirl says:

But not sexier! … Unless you wanna get pregnant, I guess…

LolaNeverLeaves says:

that intro was supposed to be ironic, but Grace….that was sexy as hell !!!

tammichka says:

You look really good with short hair, your bone structure is AMAZZZINNGGGG

GenderQueerRainbow says:

Omg the last one I thought you were going to draw a penis on your face hahahaha but you look really sexy as a guy xD

jerseystitch says:

Oh, you are just never going to show your titays, are you? Fiddle

meggomtree says:

she looks so much like tina fey with that boy wig… anyone?

MaxIsaHawti says:

trick or treat or sex.

87xG says:

Lol I’m colorblind! Weird…

loveposey28 says:

i actually really like the knight costume… lol

Strawberrygashes666x says:

I’m going to be a negative at home pregnancy test for Halloween now….

gareturban5 says:

Trick or Treat… or sex

zomgzombiezz says:

I definitely thought she was going to be a used pad with the last one.

xoBabyGirl64 says:

I thought the last one was a key hole and you were gonna open your mouth…

xoBabyGirl64 says:

You’re actually really hot as a dude…

soridosuneku says:

A short hair wig? My homo boner just went from 6 to midnight!

marieke2293 says:

omg this is hilarious

moosartti says:

oh fuck i have to ad second comment…when grace puts on the golden mask or w/e….doesnt she look like michael myers from those rob zombies remakes O.o!?

moosartti says:

uhh my friend turned 18 this day…i forgot his present…well he forgot mine when i turned 19 =(

flyingliger says:

@Pooslinger1985 that really REALLY mean

someguy6978 says:

I started to and stopped voting several times due to the message at the end….I ended up crossing my fingers and voting anyway.

rosuuuuu says:

with the boys wig on you remind me of liz lemon when she dresses up as harry potter and goes to kenneths party

forrestfire1012 says: