Hot Halloween Costumes

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Style expert Katrina Szish showed off some of the Halloween season’s most popular costumes.


HalloweenAndCostumes says:

I love the cinnamon toast. And the jersey shore couple arent quiet orange enough. 🙂

Juanchilaaa says:

why it says HOT…?

mainmanmoose says:

hey guys, please click on my name to see what the best halloween costume is for males…heres a clue, this person smells like camel sh*t…lol – if your a male, then check it out because in my video i also give you some pick up lines you can use 😉

buycostumesonline says:

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry who to choose?
50 Places to buy costumes online

aineoneill88 says:

Check out our SEXY ADULT HALLOWEEN PARTY album on itunes now!!!! search Ultimate Halloween!!!!

lifeisfunwithpeople says:

who dresses up as a bed bug? haha gross!

imikey123 says:

i haw never hord of a bed bug

KleraThomas says:

This is greatest for you ** **


Do you need a trusted wife?

MissAmanDuhMad says:

good ideas but not he best and the MAC make up is kinda not worth putting MACS name on it

hauiakks says:

find good Latino girl

veggang says:

i wanted to see hot halloween costumes & the 1st thing i see is the retard from cbs.

Marcel2cool says:

i hate these commercial!!!

ItsKuurrn says:

Snooki’s teeth are FUCKED UP

hici61 says:

I know it’s a shame 🙁

fleawizard says:

30 second ads? this is not the youtube i fell in love with 4 years ago

marisoljazz says:

I love the katy perry costume

lilmissgaga says:


aekhuda123456 says:

those kids are soooooooooo cute

XoThisIsMyLastResort says:

how many times did that first model flick the hair out of her face LOL

ancbcc says:

these hosts are sooo fake….puke

87angelica says:

bed bug… seriously? hahahaha

havidowie says:

bed bugs, wat?

MeganMarvalous says:

IPhone costume+ Gaga= Gay

lollipopyumness says:

Lol how embarrasing.

AutumnsRainn says:

Don’t forget the Snookie Costumes. -_-
WTF? And it even comes with fake boobs at Party City!

xxGhostXIIIxx says:

i sware if anyone dresses as Lady Gaga or facebook on the iphone im going to egg them stupid D: thats idiotic

aivyelisa says:

Awwwww, this little child ! X) !!!! ♥ Light Blue Eyes and sooo blond hair … awwwwwww !

ofcourseover18 says:

first 🙂