Homemade Tron Legacy Halloween Costume.

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This shows my TRON Legacy costume I made for Halloween. Plus our renovated TRON Arcade Game.


CorporalDwaynHicks says:


Ellumiglow says:

I would love to see this next time with EL Tape. This would glow well at comic-con with no black lights needed. Great job with the suit

teriyakipuppy says:

the plunger was very creative

MrRoachclips says:

ok mr propper pants

fishbaithoohaha says:

i dont think there is such a thing as “black light” the two words contradict each other. may UV light??

ArcadeWTF says:

Spandex would react just like the wetsuit. The fabric is too stretchy for the tape and glue to hold.

ArcadeWTF says:

Sorry, I am going to need it when I go back to Comic-Con this year. 🙂

theshadowlands14 says:

just buy a spandex instead of a track suit

ravedancerjaymz says:

would you be willing to sell this suit

510mesmeric says:

Wow you put in a lot of work!!! I love this costume!!!

Arigostly says:

That’s the most creative one I’ve seen on Youtube. Never thought of the plunger trick myself. I would have loved to be at your party–Looks fun.

TehOctober says:

This is one of the best ones I have seen. I may use this as a reference. :3

seanhalley says:

very nice. go to my channel to check out mine 🙂

ArcadeWTF says:

That would be awesome to see! Have a Happy Halloween!!!

ne0nsparkle0 says:

i made the tron costume! unforuntely i did not film my process but i did take a picture of the complete Quorra tron costume!

jakeycool8899 says:

You can get the costume at Party City for only 70 dollars.

ne0nsparkle0 says:

Hey there! i was wondering if you could help me, Im also thinking to do Quorra for halloween too, But i havent started anythig. I dont know what to start with. I was wondering how you would do your costume. Im having hard time to find glow in dark tape as well!

ArcadeWTF says:

Using the 3″ tape, I drew out arches then cut it out and put them together.

TheAngelofenix says:

How do you form curves with the glow tape?

printer003 says:

pretty kool,BUT either ur scared of the dark or the costumes makes u lose ur voice? hee-hee!

ArcadeWTF says:

@ne0nsparkle0 Hey there. I used a jogging suit and batting gloves from Wal-Mart. Glow in the dark tape ordered from Amazon. (scroll through some of the other comments to see what type) Use the paper back of the tape to draw out a stencil then cut out. I glued the tape on with permanent fabric glue to hold it in place. The boots are called “hero boots” from the Spirit Store. I know that @dftbaLauren is also making a Quorra version. You might want to ask her what she plans to do. Hope that helps.

ArcadeWTF says:

Actually I am not sure. I know I used more of the 3″ tape, because it was more versatile. Over all you don’t use that much.

ne0nsparkle0 says:

hi! i came across to your video on tron costume. I decided that i want to be Quorra for halloween. I think your costume looks great! but one problem, i have no idea what you said in the video or what you say to use, because im Deaf. So i was wondering what sugguestions or advices you have for me to make a tron leagcy Quorra costume ? hope to hear from u soon!!

umdbulldogs says:

Do you know how much total footage of tape you ended up using?

ArcadeWTF says:

I used Rust-oleum glow in the dark paint.

XanderRich says:

Fantastic! I will make sure to scout one online. Also, can you recommend a good quality glow In the dark spray paint? I really want to make that disc just as beautiful as can be.

ArcadeWTF says:

The one I have is the cheapest one. It is the frisbee version. No lights or sound. It could be thrown around like a frisbee.

XanderRich says:

ArcadeWTF, I’m in the middle of making mine. Quick identity disc question: which one did you use ? Doesn’t look like the deluxe Sam Flynn one that makes sounds. I like your idea with glow spray paint. Don’t really like the look the deluxe one has with lights bc it looks cheesy and I need this thing to glow. What specifically do you have?