Halloween 2010: Treats, Décor & Gelato’s Costume

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This will officially be my last Halloween video for 2010. I am quite sad since I had so much fun doing all of the looks. I felt that I needed to do this video to pleasantly wrap everything up. First I am going to give you a few cute treat ideas you can do with kids or just for your late night Halloween enjoyment. Then a video ideas on how to decorate your ghostly home, and lastly a quick costume for your pet! Links to Decorations: Giant Trash Bag Spider: family.go.com Glowing Ghosts: www.ehow.co.uk Witches Cauldron: scaryjane.com Stuff: Hershey Hugs Snyder’s Square Pretzels M&M’s Oreos Original Philadelphia Cream Cheese Mini Pretzel Sticks Sewing Stuff all from JoAnn Fabrics: 40% Off JoAnn Code HPE303: www.joann.com Orange Fleece Green Yarn Pinking Sheers Music: La La La Instrumental by Se7en JoAnn Fabrics: www.joann.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/ricesushi02 Blogspot: www.secretlifeofabionerd.blogspot.com Face Book Group: www.facebook.com Disclaimer: Products were purchased on my own unless stated otherwise. I will only give my honest opinion on products otherwise it will not be featured in my videos.


CupcakeBansheeChild says:

i so thought that the plastic spoon was going to snap when she was mixing the cream cheese. or it might have….i do not know what went on when she was not filming. 8D any ways, great video!!! 8D

Corinne O'Connor says:

wow snotty much? 😛

cutiestrawberries says:

i really love your stuff, and i respect you for not forcing ur bunny to do something she doesnt want to do, but i dont think gelato will really put the costume on if u just guve it to her and tell her to put it on… but i get that gelato wouldnt have wanted to put it on anyways.

blackrosevine13 says:

Gelato: “That is NO carrot. Nuh uh!”

devilishandlovinit14 says:

I’m Phillipino/Chinese Asian, and my Grandpappy gave me that very same knife 😀 His name is Chopper, and he likes to beat things >:3

anotherlonelyheart1 says:

your welcome

sunnyokinawa says:

Ah, thank you!

anotherlonelyheart1 says:

An RA stands for room assistant. basically it is someone who helps out with the dormitories in college.

DANNYsweet70 says:

u cant get gelato to put on the costume silly billy! its not a human

passionfruitchild says:

im in love w/ u!!!

poopsicles50 says:

Post a pic of Gelato if you finally got it on him/her 🙂 would be cute hehe xx

peacenluv12345 says:

i tried making these treats and they taste sooooooo good!

tiffgirl100 says:

Your bunny is so cute!

Frankie6862 says:

I don’t think that throwing the carrot suit at Gelato really encouraged him to wear it…

iMuffinz1 says:

YOU BUTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

MangoCrissy says:

ARGHH!! I disliked the video by accident D’: Sorry bud V_V

yuyuchan says:

yes, yes that’s how Asians do it, we beat foods w/ that big old knife

TheAlix400 says:

if you say so. ^.^

SecretLifeOfaBioNerd says:

since I said so.

1085raggmopp says:

@1085raggmopp I meant “would” instead of “wood” -_-

1085raggmopp says:

I wish Gelato would have put on the costume it would’ve been adorable it wood have been cool if you put a few black straight lines on the costume for carrot lines 🙂

TheAlix400 says:

“wrap it around your hands a few time.” since when has 60 been a few times?

KawaiiIchigoDesu says:

ive never heard of hugs before i thought they were called kisses?? lol

werockthishouse123 says:

I am so getting a bunny when I grow older.

lexi3497 says:

i lauged so hard when she was like “awww you butt!”

Tranx3forever says:

I’m hungry ^^

djlittledbd1 says:

wat big bang song is this

TasteLikeSushi says:

hahah, we were too cheap for candy, we gave out eggrolls on Halloween :D

Superjuniorjaesun says:

On your costume for gelato, how did you figure the pattern measurements