Best DIY Halloween Costumes on Youtube!

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Theres a boat load of Halloween Tutorials floatin around on the web… just gotta find em like we did. Heres a few we thought needed to be seen and put to good use. Links in this episode: GiannyL- Cat Woman Costume – trimm3- Scarecrow Mask – Pizzadude-Ninja Costume – gryphern- Dragon Wings – Petrilude- Unzipped Eyes – Expert Village – Howcast – Instructables – eHow – Indy Mogul’s Big Foot Test Film –


jasminclarke1 says:

I went as bride of chucky

likeeff says:

where can i find the cat woman costume?

ladykate538 says:

that dragon wings are awesome!!!

Oliver Armstrong says:

i know this is really geeky but can you make a tutorial on a ciel phantomhive coustume… for women and 12 year old geekey girls?

RocksterABC123 says:

Just be crazy guy under the desk or crazy protractor beard. Anyone get the references?

heyheyiloveyoulots says:

I am sooo making those wings! Not for halloween though, everyday life.

2248mickey says:

Petrilude is awesome! I love all of his videos

HalloweenAndCostumes says:

That zipper thing is by far the coolest. It even made my stomach churn a little. Thanks for the tips.

blackzentai says:

the first is catwoman, but the zipper is so cool. Crazy for Halloween, it is so funny.

MissSuperPugLover says:

Petrilude is the BEST!!

allouTV says:

my video of my costume is a real testament of commitment to detail and authenticity, although i did need help wrapping my arms and i couldnt breathe at first!

ininin86 says:

ok. it is a waste of time so i found this
much easier way :))

neemguy81 says:

I have an idea twist on an old saying…I wanna be a football facking a monkey….i call it revenge (or something like that)

maroonefi84 says:


biskithead17 says:

Sire Sasa makes AH-MAZING Gaga outfits

grassmover99 says:

Watch Indymogul

tommyepaillebvf says:

Holly shit here Latino Beauties ****

KleraThomas says:

This is greatest for you ** **


Do you need a trusted wife?

LhamoEx says:

I am allways going to dress up for halloween

AndrewBryant110 says:

digite gift antes de

WigManPhil says:

that style scarecrow mask terrifies me…i seriously had nightmares after that sucky movie came out…

49gangster says:

holy shit is the scarecrow guy Dwight?

xiaoli26 says:

O_O I don’t know how halloween goes in America. . .
OP!!!! (out of place!!!!) xD

mwillblade says:

I went as fat ,divorced middle age man with shitty job for Halloween .

batmobile13 says:

Never too old to dress up and have fun.

etomdotcom says:

I was lady gaga for halloween and my girlfriend was justin bieber. I VLOGGED all about it. Check it!!

niggiebig says:

I wanted to like this about 100 time. 🙂 good idea

c0uchsl0uch says:

that first chick !!

midooosoft says:


ellisdtrails420 says:

this should be called worst halloween costumes.

ItsJustJasmine says:

petrilude is freakin amazing