Animal Mask Idea

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Step by Step face Painting Animal Mask idea


Kaylen Lenore says:

this is so beautiful!

thespaz2011 says:

Your Awesome!!!! A short Video into how to get the perfect cheetah tear-drop.

ragrepo says:

What kinds of paint is the simmer gold?

jakartytatt says:

wow…what’s with all the perverts leaving comments??? anyway…i was looking for facepaint ideas for my little sis for halloween…she likes tigers n stuff…this is a great one! I don’t know much about facepaint but this seems easy enough to do…thanks! 😀

Cajunninja65 says:

you and your sister are so hot!! what i would give for a hot threesome with the two of you

0angelkiss says:

I would love to know as well.

Cajunninja65 says:

your parents should be very proud. they have 2 very gorgeous daughters 🙂 your sister has great cleavage too haha

Unclesamslair says:

wow, I could watch this all day. kind of like the bob ross of face paint

BellaX3ilyCB says:

WOW, reali gd!!! dude how straight n perfect r ur sisters teeth wow lol! anyways i was wonderin (coz in a week my little cuz is in a play as adeer), do u know how to 2 do it or any1 know a link how to paint-face a deer!?

Dranex11 says:

o crap your reading this? haha im sorry 😛 please delete that post… i just felt like being a jerk today

Dranex11 says:

how old is your sister? id plow her

MishaKimito says:


FullmetalPye says:

You’re an amazing artist! I wish I had a sister that would do that with me. 🙂

milatiadess says:


lulu524 says:

I want to be one of your models!

yasminkids says:

That would be great. I have seen a 4 pack of round style stix, is that the kind that you do. If so I would love to receive these. Thanks

sillyheatherb says:

thanks! I am working hard to have my next videos ready by the end of the month- they take me a full month the think, film, edit and execute! LOL

sillyheatherb says:


The sparkle orange I am using is by Snazaroo. I like it because its softy and sometimes orange can be really strong. Welcome to face painting I am here to help anytime
Thanks for the comment about my little sister- she loved it!

sillyheatherb says:

Well we ship internationally everyday I am able to keep shipping costs lower so if you just want the style stix it will cost you about $4 in shipping – no bad right if not give me 10 minutes to find someone in the UK – thanks for the feedback

yasminkids says:

Heather thanks for your response. Do you have any idea where I can obtain the round style stix from. I have been unable to locate any supplier in the UK and when I try a US website they do not ship abroad. Help!

sillyheatherb says:

My favorite brush of all time is the American Painter #5 – i have 10 in my kit so I don’t loose one and panic. I find its nice and holds its point.

yasminkids says:

Lovely design. Could you tell me which size/type/make of brush you use. thanks

karensfaces says:

Heather, you are so fab!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us it really helps us newbies a lot!! Can’t wait for the next one x

RabidIceWeasel says:

Tigers were totally my favourite animal as a kid! What I would have given to have my face painted like that! 😀

gjwatt72 says:

Beautiful, love it. Beauiful model too. ? what brand is the sparkle orange. Im still all very new to this.