Werewolf Transformation Makeup – How to Apply Wolfman Prosthetics!

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Learn how to apply a fantastic wolfman prosthetic, paint and apply hair for the ultimate werewolf look!


nimbacreations says:

Ha ha!

sociedadevideos says:

Brazilian wolf-boys? hahahaha I didn’t know about that. (I’m Brazilian)

nimbacreations says:

@tinglesrosyrupeeland Than, you! More to come 😉

tinglesrosyrupeeland says:

I really love your videos(:

17XAlpha says:

someone should use that werewolf look in a movie! that looked awesome! add eyes though.

Cameron Davis says:

How did you make the jelly face werewolf prosthestic?

nimbacreations says:

@lobo81991 We certainly do!

lobo81991 says:

do you deliver to the us?

nimbacreations says:

Its mentioned at the beginning of the video, or you can find a link on our channel, or you can google Nimba Creations – youtube won’t let us post links here!


Whats the website

nimbacreations says:

We were closed for a week while we moved into bigger premises – it’s always best to email us 😉

nimbacreations says:

@gameaddictor299 We are closed until the end of this week – drop us an email 😉

gameaddictor299 says:

how come your phone number doesn’t work when i dialed it online? is it wrong number or doesn’t work? please respond.

nimbacreations says:

Just buy them from our shop, we ship worldwide!!

HeroesZeroes says:

How can I get these products in the US

nimbacreations says:

The web address it give you in the video (there is also a link to it on our channel – youtube won’t let us write it here 🙂

siskhi says:

Where can I buy a prosthetic like that? I really want to buy one!

nimbacreations says:

@0liv3RH13 We don’t recommend re-using – they get very sticky and nasty when they have been removed 😉

wilsonshake says:

A+++++ I JUST RECEIVED THE PRODUCT TODAY FAST DELIVERY AND VERY GOOD PRODUCT, I had doubt it would be late for halloween but it showed up in three weeks from uk to canada highly recommened nimbacreation

nimbacreations says:


aloneisthekey86 says:

awesome pros man amzing detail and makeup fantastic

ItalianDude13 says:

Hahaha, looks exactly like Fenrir Greyback 😛



nimbacreations says:

check out the website for prices and it also calculates shipping cost 🙂

anilakskater says:

Oh sorry, then I didn’t catch that. How much for the wolf man in the video?

nimbacreations says:

thanks – like it says in the video, we sell the prosthetics!

anilakskater says:

Your amazing! May I ask… Where do you get the facemask?

nimbacreations says:

crepe hair 🙂

MrPattinson25 says:

what the hair called??