Top 5 Monster Makeup Tutorials: Friday Favorites

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Zombie Brides from Candy Slice Comedy share their top monster makeup tutorials! Candy Slice Comedy: Pinhead Halloween Makeup Tutorial: FX Makeup Tutorial 01 – Freddy Krueger’s Burns: Zombies Halloween How-to Make-Up BFX: Halloween Makeup Tutorial 1 The Exorcist: jigsaw billy make up tutorial halloween:


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Awesome that was great

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you guys know ebru?!
Do you even understand her? 😀
I am actually german, but i was just wondering… :/

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Parfait comme vid

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its took a long time to make this wonderful video?

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thats? amazing!!!! congratulations =DDDDD

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Nicely done! 

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favouriteeeeeeee video so far

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Gutes Tut.

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these vids keep getting better!

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It should be first in the rankings

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OH? SHIT!!! :O 

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Parfait comme vid

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i needed this, thanks?

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whens the next amazing video 

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Really good there, I enjoyed this.

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its took a long time to make this wonderful video?

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Next Justin Bieber i think 😛

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SWAGest video ever

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i love the creativity! 

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why cant i make this great of videos?

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this video deserves even more views! 

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Pretty neat