Spectra Vondergeist Monster High Doll Halloween Costume Makeup

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[bannerzon align=”right” banner_id=”1539″]How to do your makeup to look like Spectra Vondergeist Monster High Doll for Halloween! Or maybe just for fun! Emma is one of YouTube’s Youngest Makeup Gurus at only 8 years old. Products Used: 88 Shimmer Palette from MakeupArtistsChoice.com Liner eyedefine Bonnie Belle Glitter Liner Palladio (Sally Beauty Supply) Halloween kit (Walmart) Elf Foundation Brush (Target) Colored Hair Spray (Walmart) OUR LINKS: www.twitter.com www.youtube.com www.kittiesmama.com OURPLAYLISTS All of Emma’s Beauty/Makeup tutorials YouTube’s youngest makeup guru! Started at 6 years old, she is learning how to apply makeup and teaching you at the same time. See her mishaps and successes! www.youtube.com KittiesMama Weekly Family Vlogs These are all our vlogs so far, listed in order from the first through the most recent. This is so you can just start from the beginning, sit back and watch all of them in order. www.youtube.com KittiesMama Skits and Shorts All of kittiesmama’s skits and short videos! www.youtube.com MUSIC USED IN VIDEO: Dreamy Flashback by Kevin MacLeod Released under Creative Commons Attribution license 3.0 kittiesmama Spectra Vondergeist Abbey Bominable Clawdeen wolf “Dawn of the Dance” Lagoona Blue Draculaura Monster High Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial Halloween frankie stein “frankie stein” monsterhigh “monster high” Halloween Lagoona Blue Monster high mattel draculaura barbie doll vampire Frankie stein review monsterhigh shock awesome tutorial makeup big eyes anime cosmetics

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Syd Dennis says:

that is so cute do what to be best friends im 10 year old

Mandy Schmeling says:

do you know how to spell??? She is a little girl, she’s not perfect!

Tonya Gregoriades says:

This little girl does not know how 2 put on makeup NO….AFENCE NOT TRYING 2 HERT HER FEELINGS.

stephanienani424 says:

i would absolutely love it if she will do a Opperetta monster high makeup tutorial……..

pechanoide says:

lagoona blue  monster

juangonzales19817 says:


kerton100 says:

holy crap your so cute

Rebecca Charlton says:

Emma is 8

katysary says:

is this ur make up or ur moms

DDzBeauty says:

Your so cute Emma! And a very good little Beauty Guru : )

KittiesMama says:

Venus is coming up soon, hopefully next week if we can get over all the illnesses running through our house right now. Rochelle we have the wig on backorder so that will be done when we get it, the Robecca wig is shipping from China right now. We also have the Operetta wig, so that one will be after Venus! Whew! We hope to get a bunch done before Halloween!

KittiesMama says:

Yes, she’s done both! 🙂

Julia Gessner says:

Has she done abbey or ca cupid?



120BFFS says:

It would be cool I’d she did the newer ones like Venus, Rochelle and Robecca

Natalia Siwiec says:


Turquoiseandblue says:

shes in 3rd grade so 8 or 9

wioska123 says:

e może ona ma 4 lata a może nie a już pomalowala włosy

Electra Brasuell says:

i bet shes 8

MegaFigureman says:


Iza Toczek says:

kittiesmama How old are you

dipsikha jimee says:

900/900 🙂

drumbeatboom says:

hey im 8 i live in ny love it i saw ur dolls in the background ounce my aunt gave me to franikies lol anyway im emily and did a great job!!

ThePinky923 says:

Nice makeup job

fourawsomekids says:

hi soz ur lghts fell hun

monsterhighlover8201 says:

Do u think u could give me some makeup

TheSparklycool says:

you look like someone from my street dance

Ladyfunybannie says:

you are soooo sweet

Kateřina Palkovičová says:

ty si děláš…………

lls70 says:

ухты люблю

mattshady22 says:

Hi my name is Sophia I love all of your monster High videos they are awesome

carri1096 says:

I , want to be your friend

kliquesixtysix says:

i meaqn kute hair not u JK

kliquesixtysix says:


young4everme says:

she said she spray dyed it :)

Sparkl3Fr3ak says:

Omg did out paint your hair just for this or is it a wig?

o99o10o30 says:

You are so clever:’))

ayeesh alvaran says:

Wow! That’s cool!!

Michelle Zamora says:

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paige castillo says:

awwww how cute the light got messed up that is so cute

alexandra taborszki says:

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

monsterhighfanmr says:

love it!!!

Nina75463 says:

tu fais trop ta belle arrete de te venter

SPAUL76 says:

Your hair looks awesome

felicia seeley says:

how old r u

nina191821 says:

I love it you look Pretty

nina191821 says:

I love it

Fashionfanatic2020 says:

Well good for you! (not being sarcastic)