Sexy Pirate Makeup Tutorial : Halloween

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enigma7808 says:

youre very beautiful 🙂

AkaiiRyu says:


nazareth8039 says:

mee encaantaaa :)

sparky0565 says:

If you become a Raider AKA Oakland Raider, then let’s go to the game 🙂

6musiclover8 says:

PIRATES ARE DRAMATIC!  They aren’t supposed to be following the tips in fashion magazines!

210mzluscious says:

omg this look will go good with my costume but i might try a different color on my lips

corkey04 says:

OOOHHH!!! Pretty!!!!!!!!!

Lhen887 says:


kcmakeupartist1 says:

I don’t like the maroon color

brechenpinkblack08 says:

sooo preettttyyyy…. i love your face.. <3

veronicaaugust19 says:

dramatic eyes and lips= pirate. that’s what I thought anyway?

ONENONLY91744 says:

Loved it =D

Jmazepeda says:

@Shelby: it’s supposed to be a Halloween look. We need drama not pretty. Hence the title.

ShelbyLynnNelson says:

The lips are too dramatic. They ruin it for me. It doesn’t look right when you have super dramatic eyes AND dramatic lips..

Jmazepeda says:

I love this look! Thank you for sharing…I too have passed this video along to a few of my girls and they too loved it!
Ps: you’re GORGEOUS!

iloveupapi07 says:

love it! 😀

jjal321 says:

your hair looks sooo hott in this vid sonia! great tutorial girl 🙂

makrorah says:

We miss Jud your baby =(
Can we see him is future videos !! =D

DanielleMarieJones says:

Sonia is a Cancer sign, her birthday is in July:)

jadoredior05 says:

i am being the queen of hearts from alice and wonderland and this will be very costume is black and red. loveee halloween!

SoCalDutchess says:

Ok seriously!!!! You could even pull this look off with the nude lip!!! Lucky you!!! I might end up doing a look like this for a firefighter outfit but swap the red with orange 😉 THANK YOU!!!!!

chicababyphat says:

am going to be a gypsy princess.. do you think you can make a makeup tutorial on that?? if you can..

chicababyphat says:

love it..

paoadabelle says:

True that :)

aeolover1 says:

i am gonna be a pirate but i am kinda pale so i dont think it would look right if i made my makeup that dark lol

nans181 says:

Thank you for the information. I happen to be Puerto Rican and Greek-both of which are mixed with many different races and throughout history(including African, European and Middle Easterns). Also, I’m married to an Egyptian! However, Sonia happens to identify herself as a Latina…which is all I stated.

paoadabelle says:

Mexican isn’t a race, it’s a nationality (all races, mixtures, backgrounds)…..Many Mexicans are of Arab background for example Carlos Slim, Salma Hayek, Thalia Sodi, Capulina, and more. Many Mexicans have Arab background or are mixed with Arab and don’t know it because in Mexico we just identify with our nationality.

MissCassieClassy says:

You make your videos SOOOO fast!!! how??

MakeItSparkle10 says:

this is such a nice look!! i love it

LatinNena218 says:

Muno nails!!!!!!

boxerpuppieluver7 says:

girrrlll get them brows donee! cute look thoo

adreya31 says:

very pretty i love this look

hellaghett0 says:

are those yogabbagabba inspired nails!? one of your nails had a Muno eye!

charluvsdee18 says:

You look like Kim k on the last pic. I loved the eyes!

brpc82 says:

I like this look! It would go so well with the lip tattoos!!!

zelaznygirl3 says:

Awww man….now I can’t stop staring at it!! Muahhhhh

MakeupByShanilton says:

Hey Girl!!

This is too cute! See, I told you you could rock other colors on your lips! This color is beautiful on you! Hope all is well! xoxo


TheFatCherryLipStick says:

haha ;)

kitayout says:

i think i prefere it without the dark lips 🙂

Nanavette2005 says:

I would love to see you do a non-sexy/pretty look. Do a scary/gross look for halloween.

CailebAva2011 says:

ahhhhhhhh i love your MUNO nail!! tutorial my soon loves yo gabba gabba i would love to do my nails like this!!!!!

yengbren08 says:

Is the nyx hd foundation good?

MissBri3292 says:

Pretty! (:

MakeMeShine100 says:

Your pretty 🙂


loveeeeeeeeeee it !! 

nitaO4257 says:

Looks good. Luv ur vids

FABULIZ21 says:

After watching your videos for bout 2 yrs i just realized your nose is so adorable 🙂

MsVanessaB25 says:

“your a dirty pirate hooker!” lol its from Anchor man.. I’m not calling you that lol